The Cuban television aired images of Hugo Chavez? visit to Cuba and details of the meeting of both leaders, during the Round Table program, which is also broadcast on Cuban radio.

During the meeting, Chavez congratulated Fidel Castro for his health improvement after having undergone surgery. Both leaders addressed bilateral relations between Cuba and Venezuela, the advancement of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) and the current situation of Latin America and the rest of the world.

The Venezuelan president brought Fidel Castro the friendly message of his people and "the hug of all those who wish you well."

Fidel said that the climatic change occurring on the planet also has an impact on the health of the people and he reminded Hugo Chavez that he had warned about the danger posed by wastes and their impact on the survival of the human race.

Chavez also brought special greetings from Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, who is recovering from a fall. Later, the Venezuelan president told the press about some aspects of his conversation with Fidel Castro, which also included the advancement of the Energy Revolution; he stressed that he found the Cuban Revolution Leader with high spirit, clear thinking and with a good humor.

"There is Fidel, standing, in one piece, and I pray God for his continuous recovery", said Chavez and noted that he was leaving Cuba satisfied and happy after having observed the gradual recovery of the Cuban Revolution Leader. Hugo Chavez also recognized the work of all those who care for Fidel Castro?s health, including his relatives and he noted that "we will also win this battle of health." The Venezuelan President returned to his country on Tuesday and he was seen off by Cuba?s First Vice President Raul Castro Ruz, who thanked Chavez for his solidarity and friendly gesture.

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