Vice President Lage Dávila spoke at the Central Ceremony, held at Havana’s Carl Marx Theater, for the anniversaries 45th of Cuba’s Young Communist League (UJC) and the 46th of the Jose Marti Pioneer Children Organization (OPJM) presided over by Cuban First Vice President Raul Castro Ruz.

Today’s generations of Cubans did not know capitalism in Cuba, nor the situation prevailing during the first decades of the Revolution, said Carlos Lage, and he stressed that the main challenge posed on Socialism is that of forging a socialist consciousness and rejecting capitalism.

He said that the fall of the former Soviet Union and the Socialist Camp left Cuba alone facing the US empire and he cited the negative consequences of such a situation in relation to trade, credit lines, investment and other aspects.

The Cuban Vice President explained how anti-Cuba actions intensified, including terrorist acts and he recalled the material shortages faced by Cuban society at the time today’s youths were being born.

However, he recalled that Cubans saved their Revolution and he cited some of the achievements of Cuban Socialist society, which are still out of the reach of thousands of millions of people around the world. He cited free health care and education, available jobs and the so many ways people can be useful to a fair and just society.

He also cited different patriotic, labor and cultural activities carried out by Cuban youths and he asserted that the Cuban Revolution had never before counted on such a large number of learned and prepared young people.

The ceremony, held at Havana?s Carl Marx Theater, was attended by former and current UJC leaders and members, relatives of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters held in US jails, students, journalists and other professionals, as well as members of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Interior Ministry.

Participants at the ceremony enjoyed the performances of children?s music groups, troubadour Silvio Rodriguez and other artistic moments.

The UJC also granted distinctions to several Cuban youths for their outstanding labor and student performance and the UJC Honor Flag to different working collectives.

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