The court decision caused deep pain in the old lady
who lives in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba and
who says that the only thing she wants to see before
dying is that justice has been done in the case of
Posada Carriles.

“What kind of manoeuvre by the US government will come
next when Posada faces trial in May, she sceptically
asks because she knows what the US-based
Cuban-American ultra-right terrorist organizations can
do with pressure to get their own way. She also asks
if those in charge of judging Posada Carriles have
children and know what losing a full of life
19-year-old son means.

On August 11, 1976, Dora Lidia Garzon saw her younger
son Jose Angel Fernandez for the last time. He was
part of the Cuban national fencing team, which was
travelling to Havana to take training for the fencing
competitions scheduled to take place in Venzuela, in
October of that same year.

She keeps memories alive as she explains that when
seeing her son off at the airport she waved a white
handkerchief as he had told her to. They did not know
it was the last time they would wave goodbye to each

Dora Lida was not even able to keep the medals her son
won in Venezuela, since they lie on the sea bottom.
She won’t even be able to celebrate her son’s 50th
birthday next September 15, like any other mother
likes to do.

The judge at El Paso, Texas, did not know about Dora’s
suffering of course, while the pressure put on by the
anti-Cuba forces and the protection offered by
Washington to such an international terrorist have
overthrown the forces of justice.

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