Fidel’s statements were broadcast Tuesday on the prime time TV show "The Round Table". In the video, made on Monday, the Cuban Revolution leader talked with the host of the TV show Randy Alonso about several issues of interest.

Dressed in a red, blue and white sports suit (the colors of the Cuban flag) and in high spirits, Fidel Castro showed that he continues to recover after having been submitted to surgery ten months ago; he underwent other surgery operations later, which have led up to his prolonged convalescence period.

"So far, I do not plan to break the record set by the Japanese, a retired man who, at 71 two months and two days of age was able to climb to the top of the Everest peak and won over another Japanese of 70 years, seven months and 13 days of age," said Fidel and noted, "you would have to ask him about his life, what kind of food he had, because when meals are better balanced the food produces better results", said Fidel Castro.

He said that as the people learn about the value of food, they will have better understanding to face the world tyranny, "because this last invention to turn food into raw material to produce bio-fuels, is something really horrible." The Cuban Revolution leader said he has a lot to write about in reflections for the press, though he admitted that the TV program gives him larger space.

He said "I used to wear glasses because I suffered from Myopia, but Myopia fades away with the passage of the years, so I wondered: does that mean I am turning younger? But, later he learned that it did not mean that, which caused him a deception, he said joking.

Speaking to the Cuban people he said that he is doing what must be done and nothing more, since there are no secrets at all.

He referred to the people’s protests in Germany just before the arrival of George W. Bush there for the G-8 Summit and described it as the increasing awareness by the people about the problems affecting humankind. Those issues will be the topic of further conversations, he told the host of the TV program.

He also spoke about his meeting last Saturday with the General Secretary of the Central Committee of Vietnam’s Communist Party Nong Duc Manh.

The Cuban Revolution leader said that he really appreciated the visit by Nong Duc Manh, whom he considered a very intelligent person, with vast experience and deep love for his people and for the Cuban people.

The Round Table program also ran the documentary film "From Hanoi to Horishima" by film maker Roberto Chile about the latest visit by the Cuban President to Vietnam and other Asian countries.

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