The Very Compassionate America

Had America stopped its criminal war in Iraq, and had it gotten out of it and left the country for its people, there would not have been Iraqi refugees who are in need of its dollars which are covered with their blood.
This is the real condition of the Iraqi refugees who were fired by the American war machine from their homes, at a time American Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration, Ellen R. Sauerbrey, has announced that its country donated a sum of $30 m for the Higher Commission of Refugees and the UNICIEF for offering education opportunities for Iraqi refugees in Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon.
The question is what this the meaning of offering these dollars by the US for half of Iraq’s children who are refugees in the neighboring countries after it killed almost half of them since the 1990’s of last century till now? What is the meaning of the continuous occupation of the country, and supporting the displaced children abroad?
This means, as simple as that, that America knows that the occupation will go on for a long time and that the number of the displaced will increase more and more. But the real solution is the American withdrawal from Iraq. Then and only then, no one will be in need of its dollars, because Iraq knows how to get dollars and how to teach its children inside the country and not outside it.

A Syrian-German Agreement for Financing a Water Project with a Total Value of 32 million Euro

An official source said that Syria and Germany have signed in Damascus an agreement for financing a water project with a total value of 32 million Euro, on the sideline of the visit paid by the German Minister of Cooperation, Heide Marie Wieczorek-Zeul to Damascus. Moreover, the German government has offered four million Euros as a donation for building schools for the Iraqi refugees and the Syrian students.

"Consciousness Foundation" Warns Against an Imminent Collapse of Economy in Gaza Strip

"Consciousness Foundation" for Human Rights has warned against an imminent collapse of the Palestinian economy in Gaza Strip, calling upon the international community to interfere to stop a human disaster which would result in the suffering of more than 1.5 m million Palestinian in Gaza Strip. The foundation said in a report issued that during the last two months, 3190 workshops and industrial facilities have closed due to the difficult economic situations, leaving about 56.000 workers jobless.

Kuwait Refuses a Deal from "Alafco" With $3 bn

"Alafco" (Aviation Lease and Finance Company) said yesterday that the Kuwaiti parliement refused to grant its approval of a deal estimated by $3 bn, according to which the "Kuwait Airways" would buy 19 planes. On the other hand, prices of "Alafco’s" shares have dropped following this announcement in one day by 7.17% of the real value of the share, which equals 246 Fils, ($0.873).

Dubai Stock Market Witnesses a Great Recovery and "Emaar" Company Leads the Market

Dubai Stock Market has witnessed great recovery of its performance with dealings estimated by about 1.3 billion dirhams. The index of the stock market has risen by 50.7 points closing on 4296.8 points.

A South Korean Company Signs the Agreement of Building an Oil Refinery in Egypt with a Total Value of $1.8 bn

The South Korean "GS Engineering & Construction Company" announced yesterday that it signed an agreement estimated by $1.8 bn for building treatment units within the framework of building a new oil refinery in Egypt. In a report published by Reuters, the company said that it would build these units of the refinery in Mostorod town north of the Egyptian capital by September 2011.

The Resumption of Building Turkish-Iranian Electricity Generating Stations within Three Years

Turkey has announced officially that it would resume building the three joint electricity generating station with Iran within three years.
For its part, Iran said that these stations will consume 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually to be imported from the Iranian reserves. It is worth mentioning, that the capacity of each of the three stations will reach 2.000 megawatt.

Turkey Signs the Agreement of Preferential Trade with 18 Islamic Countries

Minister of External Trade in Turkey, Kursad Tuzmen, said that his country will signed next month the agreement of preferential trade with 18 Islamic countries which would result in doubling the volume of Turkey’s exports due to decreasing the custom tariff of those countries in their trade dealings with Turkey.
Moreover Tuzmen said that the total volume of the Turkish external trade "Exports and Imports" has reached $250 bn.

Small Indexes

- Iranian Assistant Minister of Trade said that the volume of non-oil exports of his country has reached during the first four months of this year $4.4 bn compared to $4.3 bn compared to the same period of last year.
- The volume of the Egyptian non-oil exports have risen during the fiscal year 2006-2007 by 45%, reaching $11 bn and 910 million dollars compared to $8 bn and 233 m during the fiscal year 2005-2006.
- Iraq has exported about 3 million barrels of Kirkuk crude oil through its north pipeline to Turkey following the resumption of pumping oil last week.
- The Jordanian Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology has revealed lately that 86% of the Jordanian families own mobile phones, adding that 2 thirds of this families own more than 1 mobile phone and that 36% of these family own personal computers.

Companies Indexes

- The French "Gaz de France" company for Energy Supplies said that its profits during the first half of this year have declined by 11%, reaching 1.51 billion Euro ($2.5 bn).
- "LG" company, the leading company in the sector of digital technology world wide, said that the volume of its sells have reached $1.675 bn during the first half of 2007 in the Middle East and Africa, achieving a growth rate estimated by 25% compared to the same period of 2006.
- A Group of Russian Companies called "GAZ Group" intends to produce a new car of "Siber" model. The group intends to exhibit this car during the international exhibition of cars "Interafto" held currently in Moscow.

Bids & Contracts

- The Electricity Corporation of al Quods governorate and the American "Nanofo" company have signed an agreement for building electricity generating station through using the solar energy in Jericho in the West Bank.
- The giant German-American "DaimlerChrysler" group for cars said that the costs of its separation into two companies which are Dimler and Cyrsler as it was the case before their integration will reach about 2.5 billion Euro ($3.38 bn).

Conferences & Exhibitions

- Organizers of the Exhibition of Electronic Equipment (IFA) in Germany said that more than 1200 companies from 32 countries would take part in the exhibition due to be opened in Berlin on Friday.
- The International Fair Grounds in Kuwait is due to witness the opening of foodstuff exhibition – 2007, held by Kuwait Exhibitions Company between 3-12 of next September.
- A number of head of the biggest international companies specialized in information and telecommunications technology have asserted that "Getex" week – 2007 will be one of the most international activities to be held this year.

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