The meeting will be attended by business people from Asia, Africa,
Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and even from countries that
are not Non-Aligned members, with the aim of considering issues
relevant to commercial exchange. Following the forum?s inauguration
ceremony next Friday, a first working panel will focus on South-South
cooperation in the fields of science, energy, pharmaceutical and
medical development, health care and education. A second panel will
deal with economic cooperation and integration, regional experiences
and the role of the entrepreneurial sector. And a third discussion will
target international trade, ways and possibilities for trade

The 2nd NAM Business Forum takes place in accordance with the Final
Declaration of the 14th Non-Aligned Summit, held last year in Havana,
in which Cuba was elected Chair of the Movement for the second time.

The 1st Forum, which focused on South-South cooperation, took place
during the 13th Non-Aligned Summit, held in Malaysia in February 2003.
One of the major agreements of that gathering was the setting up of a
Business Council.

Participants at the upcoming forum will have the chance to expand their
contacts with their attendance of the 25th Havana International Trade
Fair on November 5. the trade fair is an important scenario for the
promotion of export products and for the expansion of trade relations.

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