The Scientific Production and the Power of the State

On the of the facts that has been taken for granted is that countries which aim at taking a prominent position among others, must pay much attention to science and knowledge as well as great interest, in terms of offering the required budgets or in terms of issuing laws and regulations with regard to establishing and sponsoring scientific institutions and scientific research centers, let alone taking care of mechanisms that secure successful systems of human resources.
The country’s indicators in the field of science and knowledge production necessarily specifies its general power among other countries, economically and politically speaking. It is not strange today that Iran, one of the Middle Eastern countries, plays a pivotal regional and international role today characterized by very advance indicators in knowledge and science domain.
The Iranian Minister of Higher Education, Technology and research said on Saturday, during the opening ceremony of a private exhibition of research and technological projects in Tehran that his country outdo in some fields of science the advanced countries which produce science in the world, as the Iranian mathematicians were ranked the 11th position world-wide and the 13th in mechanics science, the 13th in polymer science, the 19th in chemistry and 22nd in chemistry engineering.

A Syrian-Iraqi Agreement on Enhancing Cooperation in Energy, Oil, and Trade Domains

The Syrian Prime Minister Mohammad Naji Itry called for “distinctive relations” with Iraq, during his meeting with Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Bahram Saleh who is paying Damascus a visit. Sana said that Saleh discussed with Syrian Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Abdullah al Dardari establishing a joint council for businessmen and holding a free zone on the Syrian Iraqi borders and reactivating the oil pipeline which links Kirkuk with Banias with the Syrian coast which was closed following the American invasion to Iraq in 2003.

Signing a Memorandum of Understanding Between (The Holding Al-Arid) Company and the Palestinian Investment Fund

The holding al Arid Company and the Palestinian Investment Fund signed a memorandum of understanding providing on implementing a real estate project with a total amount of $200 m.

$813 m, the Value of a Loan for Egypt’s Telecommunications Company

The Executive Chairman of Egypt’s Telecommunications Company said that a number of agreements with a group of local and international banks were signed, according to which the company will be granted a financing loan estimated at $813 m. He further said that this loan will be invested in the new expansion projects of the company.

Egypt Plans for Attracting the Chinese Tourism

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism is setting up currently a general plan for developing a number of tourist areas in Egypt, among them the area northern coast which is expected to receive specifically tourists from China and Japan due to the great interest of both countries in the tourism of archeology which Egypt comprises a lot of.

Small Indexes

- Official sources said that the European Commission granted Tunisia 73 million Euros as a first payment out of 300 million Euros which it allocated for its interest within the context of the European mechanism of partnership and neighborhood which started at the beginning of this year.
- The governmental Qatari news agency quoted that the governor of the Qatar Central Bank as saying that the riyal will maintain its engagement with the dollar despite the weakness of the American currency, adding that this would help the financial stability in Qatar.

Companies Indexes

- The International Daw Chemical Company said that it entered in a partnership with the Kuwaiti Petroleum Company through the company of “Petro-Chemical Industries for Holding a Joint Project of Petrol Chemicals with targeted selling estimated at $11 m.
- Arkan Company for Construction Materials said on Sunday that it will invest $27.23 m in holding a joint project with the Southern Korean Quweng company.
- Eva Hotel and Resorts Company announced that it launched its first investment projects in America in cooperation with Reland, one of the most prominent companies in terms of real estate development in the US with a total amount of $300m.


- Arkan Company for Construction Material said that it will invest 100 million Emarati Dirhams, “$27.23” in a joint project with the South Korean Quweng Company.
- Middle East Economic Digest Publication said that a number of international companies are competing for winning a contract estimated at $545 m for laying a tram network in Dubai for facilitating traffic.

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