Speaking in a meeting with members of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution on the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the triumphant entry of the Rebel Army into the city of Havana in 1959, Alarcon said that Washington insists on trying to harm the Caribbean nation and to divide its people.

"This plan created half a century ago - aimed at causing unease, dissatisfaction, problems and difficulties - is still valid and that is why it is so necessary that revolutionaries stay united and also to fight our own deficiencies and errors," said Alarcon.

He added that the US administration admitted in a recent report that the United States spends more human and financial resources on pursuing those who visit the island or trade with Cuba than on fighting terrorism and drug trafficking in the North American nation.

The Cuban legislator also recalled the failure of the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and its threats against Iran.

Alarcon stressed that the municipal and provincial assemblies as well as the National Assembly (Parliament) have to work hard to eliminate all the problems and dissatisfactions that may affect the people.

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