A Balanced Development

Among the results of centralization were economic projects are being carried out and the ways of distributing its biased revenues in the developed countries are developmental differences between the geographical areas within the same country, which will lead later on to undesired results on the social or economic levels, and this will consequently result in negative cultural status because of the great difference between two certain areas, one of them has been provided by factors of economic success and a qualified infrastructure that attracts businessmen on the one hand, and another that has not been treated equally rather an affiliated area to the first one on the basis that it is the fruitful ground for business. This economic trend is surely futile that will lead later on to negative impact on the ability of the government in achieving what is required with regard to balanced development among the different areas and the different strata of the people.
In other words, the in ability of the government to find a balanced development between the different areas will jeopardize the country to many and desired consequences. As this distort development situation will provide a possibility of threat, yet it provides a big chance for achieving great success with the aim of realizing a balanced economic rise in case the government has taken the right measures.

One Thousand of the Leading Figures Meet in Abu Dhabi Economic Meeting

The activities of Abu Dhabi economic meeting started yesterday in Qaser al Emarat Hotel and organized by Abu Dhabi Chamber of Trade and Industry and the Directorate of Planning and Economy, as well as the group of economy and business with the participation of more than 1000 leading figures in the financial and business sector in 30 countries interested in Abu Dhabi experience and the economic as well as investment rise in the region.

42 billion Dirhams, the Deposits of Women in the Gulf’s Banks

The first meeting of investment in the GCC countries, hosted in Dubai between 3-4 of next March is expected to reveal the volume of women despots in the Gulf Banks and the best way to invest them during a session entitled: The Gulf Women Investments, Where Two?”. It is worth mentioning that the volume of capitals of Gulf businesswoman invested in the banks is estimated at about 42 billion dirhams, representing 12% of the total current deposits in the Gulf banks.

The Increase of the Value Aviation Projects in Dubai to $82 bn

The volume of investments by Dubai Emirate in projects of civil aviation has reached $82 bn in an attempt to make Dubai the first destination of travelers and shipment with the aim of receiving 120 million travelers annually via the international airport of Al Maktoum after completing the project.

The Islamic Noor Bank Is in coalition With Morrison Minon Group

Noor Islamic Bank announced in Dubai yesterday that it entered in a coalition with the British Morrison Minon Group for legal accounting with the aim of providing a number of services specialized in trade projects, small and medium seized institutions, and financing projects of real estate sector. The bank will offer, in accordance with this agreement, products and financial services with preferential prices for Morrison Minon’s clients.

Small Indexes

- The Government of West of Bengal State, East of India, has allocated $1.5 m for activating domestic and international tourism to tea plantation, north of the state.
- An economic report has shown that the volume of capitals of companies registered in Jordan during last December-2008 has declined by 58%, reaching 28 million dinars compared to 67 million dinars for the same period of last year, due to the crease of the number of registered joint-stock cooperation.

Companies Indexes

- Dubai Financial Group, affiliated by the Holding Dubai Company, has acquired a majority share of 51% in al Fajr company for re-ensuring via Dubai Group for Islamic Investment and the International Investment Company.
- Documents issued by the Kuwaiti Minister of Trade and Industry have shown that a unit affiliated by City Group will invest 2.5 million dinars ($16.9) in a Raya Company for Islamic Investment.
- The Real Estate and Financial Investment Company “Financia” has risen its capital to 200 million riyals, following the increase of the number of contributors from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE making the total number 20.

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