Despite All Attempts

The American Administration has realized together with Isreal and many Western countries, after the collapse of Al-Shah regime in Iran with Al-Khumaini revolution in 1979, that great changes would be witnessed in the political and economic map in the region. Among the direct results of that was that fact that Isreal and the U.S. have lost Iran as a power that they can depend on with regars to many issues in the Middle East , at least, so they started to play with sectarian and national cards, which resulted in a fierce war between Iraq and Iran that lasted for 8 years and it had achieved one goal , namely, destroying the potentials and wasting the wealth of both countries, trying to a create a vast gap between the peoples of the region. The experience of the Iraqi-Iranian war and the tense relations , which resulted in the cut of relations between the two countries which lasted for 2003, must be present in the minds of the peoples of the region in order to give them more power and strength against those who are trying to instigate sectarian wars .The Lebanese who had experienced the bitter sectarian war, like other peoples in the region, are , no doubt, will not repeat the grave mistake, and Iran, as it has been before, is Iraq’s neighbour, and the intergration as well as the cooporation between the two countries is something natural.

Arabtic Company Holds Talks with Fortune Company For Building The Tower of the World

Arabtic Company is currently holding talks with Fortune company, the main developer of the" tower of the World" in the trade Gulf with regard to the project’s contract with a value estimated at $ 800 million. The tower, which is considered the highest in the UAE, consists of 108 floors with 501 meters, comprising a shopping center, hotels, and offices as well as 6 gardens.

A Tourist Complex in Masqat with $ 200 Million

The Omani Ministry of Tourism has announced that it will build a tourist resort for aviation with a total value estimated at $ 200 million, adding in a statement that the resort Will be built in Qariat villiage in Masqat governorate with a joint local and forign investments.

Ajman Bank Seeks To Allocate 550 Million Dirhams

A well-informed source at Ajman bank has said that the bank is seeking to allocate 550 million dirhams, adding that the investors have proposed 60 % at least. He further said that the subscribtion is the biggest of its kind in the UAE for this year.

Small Indexes

- An Iraqi official has said in a press statement that the Iraqi crude oil in the southern Al-Nasiriya city is estimated at 6 billion barrels
- The Saudi Minister of Oil , Ali al-nouaimi said that that oil prices will not drop under $60-70 per barrel because it is the lowest prices which the alternative fuel kinds will be economically feasible at.

Companies Indexes

- The holding Egyptian-Kuwaiti company said that it5 achieved a pump estimated at 80% in terms of net profits in 2007, reaching $ 104,03 million.
- The airline Group Gama Holdings, based in the U.K. and owned partially by Grwoth Gate company,located in Bahrain, said that it bought the American Private Air company with the aim of doubling it fleet by more than 60 airplanes.


- Mauritania and Mali have signed in Nwakshot two cooporation agreements in tourism and traditional industries domains.
- The city of King Abd Al-Aziz for Science and Technology has concluded a deal with IBM establishment for Researches with the aim of establishing the centre of the research privilege for nano-technology.


- Chamber of Trade and Commerce in Hadramout city in Yemen has announced that it will hold a conference for tourist and real estate investement in Hadramout by the end of this month.
- The activities of the 37th Conference of the international Federation of the Organizations for Training and Development have started yesterday at Dubai International Centre for Exhibitions and Conferences with the participation of more than 1300 participants from 30 countries.

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