The Three Trillion Dollars War

In his interesting book entitled The Three Million Dollars War, the American economist who won Nobel prize for Peace, Joseph Mitchells, said that the costs of the war on Iraq were doubled by three times compared to the previous years, reaching $12 billion monthly this year. Mitchells has expected the costs of both the war on Iraq and Afghanistan , in addition to the long-term military presence in the two countries to cost the American treasury between $1,7-2,7 trillion by 2017, let alone the interest for financing the loans of the war, which will add alone $816 billion to the total cost.
Thus, these figures exceed the expectations of “The Bureau of The Budget in The Congress”, which said that the costs of the two wars to reach $1,2-1,7 trillion by 2017, the great bulk of it will be spent in Iraq.

858 billion, The Volume of the Tourist Investments in the UAE

The Department of Tourism and Trade Marketing in Dubai Emirate has announced that the volume of the tourist projects being carried out in the United Arab Emirate is estimated at 858 billion Dirhams , 454 billion of it is invested in Dubai. The Kuwaiti news agency Cona pointed out that the EAE is witnessing currently a giant touristic jump on all levels, saying that Dubai witnessed last year an increase in terms of the number of the tourists estimated at about 7 million tourists, saying that the aim is to receive by 2015 about 15 million tourists.

Zain Company Seeks to Have A Telecommunication License in Lebanon

The General Director of the Kuwaiti Mobil Telecommunication Company “ Zain” said that the company seeks to have the license of the mobile phones in Lebanon, pointing out that the company intends to take part in the tender to be announced next month.
It is worth mentioning tat the Lebanese government announced in January that it postponed the selling of the majority share in two mobile phones companies owned by the state till the beginning of Summer, aiming to allocate $7 billion through selling the two shares.

“Inter – Seif” Exhibition To Be Opened In Damascus

The activities of the 2nd exhibition of safety systems and equipment of security and the technology of extinguishing fire|Inter-Seif” have started on the FairGround in Damascus. The exhibition is organized by “Al-Doualia” Company for Holding Exhibitions. Taking part in the exhibition, which will last till the 12th of this month, are more than 30 specialized local Arab, and international companies like the Saudi” Sfiko” company, the Emarati”Fire-ex”, and the Syrian-Qatari Company for Electronic Systems, which will exhibit the latest technologies use in the field. Moreover, the exhibition will witness a number of seminars by foreign and Arab experts with the aim of increasing the safety awareness and the great importance of using safety and equipment systems as well as the technology of extinguishing fire.

Small Indexes

- Prices of Brent crude oil have risen, hitting a new record of $104 per barrel, amid an increasing turn out for buying, as investors consider that a safe haven from the increase of inflation and the weakness of the dollar.
- The Japanese government offered yesterday an additional grant estimated at $14 million to the Jordanian government foe backing the budgets of payments within the program of” the grants unrelated to the projects”.

Companies Indexes

- Omani businessmen have laid the foundation stone of the project of Masqat Golf Club under the new Name “ Masqat Hills” with a total cost estimated at $10 million.
- “al-Estratigi” company for Promoting and Organizing exhibitions, the organizing company of the International Real Estate Exhibition-2008 has estimated the revenues of the event by more than 20 billion dirhams which represent theoutcome of the concluding deals between the developers and the real estate companies.


- Jordan and Chikia have signed two cooporation agreements in tourism and trade fields. The first Aims at promoting the tourist exchange between the two countries and for promoting Jordan in Chikia because the number of the Chik tourists to Jordan is still small.
- Reports said that Tailand is considering the establishment of an investment fund affiliated by the government with the aim of investing a part of the reserves of the foreign currencies in return for $18 billion.


- A MOU has been signed in the Ukranian capital “ Kiev” Between the General Establishment for Exhibitions and International Markets in Syria and the Ukranian company for Exhibitions stipulating on Taking part in the exhibitions in both countries by both sides in addition to holding the exhibition of the Syrian products in Kiev in the last quarter of the year.
- Oracle is due to host hundreds of the executive chairmen working in the information fields in the region in the Saudi capital on the 11th of March within the framework of its annual executive summits.

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