The Rising Economies have started to Play with the Big Players

What draws the attention is that the developed countries have contributed by about 41% of the total world production in 2007, according to a report issued yesterday by the World Bank .What is most interesting in the report is the jumps achieved by some of the rising economies, which predict of a change in the world economic map.
According to the report, which has been issued under the title:" Indicators of the International Development" for 2008, " China is currently ranked as the second biggest economy in the world, and that 5 out of 12 of the biggest economies in the world are rising economies".
Furthermore, the report has shown that the big growth rate achieved by the developed countries, except countries of Latin America and the Caribbean countries, has led to an increase of its share in the international production, estimated at $59 Trillion, whereas the contribution of the high-profits economies has declined by about 5%.
The report further added that: " we are living in a world where markets depend on each others, be it goods markets, services, money, labor, or even ideas, and when we measure the economies on the basis of an international criteria of comparison, we see that there is an evident influence of the rising countries.

66 Arab Banks on the List of the First 1000 International Banks

In what was described as a pessimistic look, the banking expert " Farouk Kharof", Chairman of the Administrative Board of the Libyan " al-Wahda" bank, and member of "Al-Arabi" Bank Group, said that the volume of the Arab banks, according to the International standards, are very small, and they are facing a great weakness according to the available statements.
He concluded by saying that only 66 Arab banks were ranked on the list of the best International banks.

The Tunisian Tourism Increases its Profits by 8, 7%

Official figures published lately have shown that the revenues of the Tunisian tourist industry has increased by 8, 7% during the first three months of this year, compared to the same period last year.
Statistics of the Tunisian Department of Tourism have shown that the revenues of the first quarter of 2008 have reached 501 Million Tunisian Dinar ($ 431 Million). It is worth mentioning that the revenues of the Tunisian tourist sector hit a record, exceeding $ one Billion for the first time as it attracted more than 6, 5 million tourists.

Microsoft Grants a Syrian the Prize of "the Most Professional Man"

A Syrian citizen has been awarded the prize of "the most Professional Man" by Microsoft Company, according to "Al-Jazeera" web site.
The prize is usually granted to persons who play "a leading role" in their societies, in terms of sharing technological knowledge with others.
"Usama al-Sheikh" has been chosen for creating the electronic web site "Great Plains" in Arabic (Great Plains Arabia).
The web site includes practical ideas in different domains, among them the technical one, and also makes forum of debates available, according to Micro Soft which said that he was the first to win the prize in the Middle East and the Arab World.
It is worth mentioning that Micro Soft will hold next Monday in Washington a 4-day-conference under the title :"The Global Summit of the Most Professional Man", but "Usama" will not be able to take part because he has not been granted a visa.

"Venture Communication" Doubles its Profits By 30 Million Dirham

"Venture Communication" company has doubled its selling in 2007, reaching 30 Million Dirham, compared to 2006.
The shares of the different Departments of the company were: 60% for advertisement and media services, 20% for advertisements occupancy, 20% for production, 10% for occasions management and supervision, and 10% for designing and creativity.

"Brother Gulf" Seeks to Achieve a Growth Rate of 25%

"Brothers Gulf" company, specialized in the field of developing and manufacturing printers, photocopying machines, and digital telecommunications dedicated for small offices, houses, and establishments affiliated by the Japanese and international Group, has said that it expects to achieve a double annual growth rate by 25% in the coming five years following the success it achieved in 2006 and 2007.

Small Indexes

- A survey has shown that the trust of the American consumer has dropped to its lowest levels ever in more than a quarter of a century, early of April , giving a grave signal of a possible depression as a result of fears over inflation and jobs.
- The European Central Bank preserved the prices of the main interest with no change by 4%, asserting his commitment to its agenda of combating inflation and ignoring at the same time fears of the slow growth rate of the international economy.

Companies Indexes

- General Electric Company said on Friday that it profits witnessed a sudden decline by 6% in the first quarter of this year, in the biggest shock ever for the American economy due to the crisis of international insurance market, and as what might be as a signal that the American economy has possibly entered in a recession.
- the Executive Chairman of "Total" Company, Christophe de Margeri" has said that "Total" hopes to attract investments from the investment funds in the countries where "Total" is working and especially the Gulf countries.

Exhibitions & Conferences

- The 4th International Exhibition of digital and non-digital photography, held currently at Dubai International Centre for Exhibitions and Conferences, will witness the meeting of a number of trademarks in the digital and non-digital photography, represented by 100 exhibitors from 16 countries worldwide.


- The New Chinese News Agency, "Xinhua" has mentioned that the Chinese National Maritime Company "Sinok", owned by the government, has signed an agreement with Qatar that would make the liquid natural gas available on the long term, adding that China will import two Million Tons of liquid natural gas annually from Qatar.

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