Inflation and Growth Rate

Between the hammer of inflation and the anvil of slow growth, it seems that many of the Arab economies are witnessing this conflict. Economic experts expect the rising inflation to continue during the coming three years , as a logical result of the continuous growth in active areas in the world like the Gulf area, in specific, and this stretches, to a less extent, to countries like Syria, Morocco, and Algeria.
Therefore, the local governments seem to have started to be aware of the difficulty of preserving the present averages of the growth rate, and that they should act to avoid the dangers of a surprising shock of the slow growth rate. Although some of these countries have tried to ease the heavy burden of the prices and inflation on their people due to the big surge with regard to prices of " the black gold", yet this may face a real threat in case the world economy fell as a victim to recession and in case this was reflected in a decline of imports along with the decrease of demand on oil. On the other hand, there is another challenge in the sense that trying to decrease levels of inflations and securing a good growth rate on the long term is very difficult because of the continuous implementation of projects of infra-structure which the countries of the region need badly.

The Real Estate " Manazel " Company Develops Projects by 40 Billion Dirham

Chairman of the Administrative Board of the real estate " Manazel " company , based in Abu Dhabi, has said that the company intends to invest in the real estate sector in 6 Arab countries : The UEA , Saudi Arabia, Jordan , Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco .
The projects include building 50,000 housing units ranging between housing, luxurious, and recreational as well as 20000 housing units being built inside and outside the UEA with a total value estimated at 40 Billion Dirham.

The Kuwaiti " Agiliti" Plans to Sell Shares by a Value of $ 452 Million

"Agiliti" company, the biggest company for Supplying and Provision in the Gulf in terms of market value, said that it intends to sell about 120 million Dinar ($ 452,1) of its shares this year for financing expansions and decreasing its dependence on the contracts with the American economy, adding that it also intends to increase its exporting capital by 25 %.

60 Tourist Projects for Syrian Investors in Syria

Syrian Minister of Tourism, "Sadallah Agha Al-Qalla" has revealed that there are 60 projects ready for investment by investors , 12% of them are for carrying out a five-star- projects , 40% for a four-star- projects ,and 41% for a three-star- projects . "Al-Qalla" further pointed out that there are 11 big areas for tourist development among them the project of " Al-Sanaouber" area near Lattakia on a total space area of 12 million K.M. ,adding that this project might attract investments estimated at $ 8 billion in addition to another project on the banks of "Al-Assad" river on the Euphrates on a total space area of 5 Million square meter.

The Conference of Sustainable Development in the Islamic World Next May

Cairo is due to host between 17-19 of next May, an international conference entitled: "The Sustainable Development in the Islamic World in The Face of Globalization" with the participation of economists from different parts of the world . The conference, organized by the Union of the Islamic Universities in cooperation with the Islamic Bank for Development ,will tackle issues of the Islamic economy, achieving development in the Islamic world , and the importance of the Islamic cultural environment for development.

An International Conference for Discussing the Issue of the Surge of Prices World wide

The Swiss capital Berne is due to host on Monday and Tuesday an economic conference on the big surge of food stuff prices in the world. The conference will be chaired by the Secretary General of the U.N. ,and will discuss the crisis of food stuff , and climate change with the participation of prominent figures and heads of international institutions.

Companies Indexes

- The American "Occidental Petroleum" company has announced that its profits rose by more than 50 % during the first quarter of this year due to the hit records of oil prices.
- The net profits of Al-Emarat" company for Food Stuff and Mineral Water have risen , reaching 18,442 million Dirham during the first quarter of this year in return for 9,043 Million Dirham for the same period of last year.

Small Indexes

- Secretary General of the U.N. Said on Friday that the surge of prices has become an international crisis.
- The number of tourists who visited Syria in 2007 has exceeded 4 million , and 600000 tourists who spent $ 2 Billion and 800000 million, 60 % of which were spent on food and lodging.

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