An International Solidarity for Combating Malaria

Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki Moon intends to announce an international initiative for combating Malaria epidemic which kills annually more than one million persons all over the world.
According to media sources, "the initiative of Ban Ki Moon would offer many solutions, among them using insecticides inside the houses and providing mosquito nets for all individuals who are exposed to this danger, especially women and children in Africa by the end of 2008.
The initiative will take into consideration also equipping all hospitals and medical facilities by active treatment for combating Malaria, diagnosing it , training doctors on how to deal with this disease , as well as encouraging for more researches aiming at controlling and combating Malaria once and for all.
It is worth mentioning that the initiative of " Roll Back Malaria" launched in 1998 by World Health Organization has set its goals by decreasing the number of the deaths by half by the end of this decade as a result of this epidemic .
Amid this march towards realizing these goals, and following evaluating what has been achieved, it has been shown that more people have been inflicted by Malaria compared to their number before launching the initiative.

15 International Banks Grant "Invest Corp" $ 243 Million

"Invest Corp" Group, one of the prominent institutions specialized in offering and managing alternative investments, has announced that it has been granted medium- term funding for its operational budget with a total value estimated at $ 243 million.
It is worth mentioning that " Invest Corp" Group has entered the market last February aiming at getting facilities by a total value estimated at $ 200 Million for five years, but later it raised the value into $ 243 million due to more demand compared to the original funding.

The Turkish Minister of Trade at Damascus International Furniture Show

Turkish Minister of State for the Affairs of External Trade, Kursad Tuzmen, has made a tour at Damascus International Furniture Show held currently at the Fairgrounds . The Turkish Minister toured his country’s pavilion, which comprises 25 multi-purposes companies in the field of furniture, decorations, and accessories.
In a press statement, Mr. Tuzmen expressed, following the end of his tour, trust that these exhibitions are the real implementations and the immediate translation of the trade and e economic agreements which are being signed continuously between Syria and Turkey, adding that the volume of the trade exchange between the two countries has reached $ one billion, and 200 Million, and that the target figure is $ 5 billion in the coming five years. He further added that the exhibitions will be the best means for realizing this figure . He concluded his statement by underlying the importance of the economic relations characterized by a strategic dimension and which are close for integration on the long run.

The 1st International Conference for In-House Decoration and Design in Tehran

The 1st International Conference for International Trade of In-House Decoration and Design is due to be held on the 9th and 10th of next July at the Conference Centre at the General Establishment of Broadcast and Television in Tehran. According to the Iranian News Agency, the conference, which will witness the participation of Iranian and foreign experts in addition to the Turkish , Italian, British, Malaysian ,and Austrian ambassadors aims at developing the Iranian Industry of in-house decoration and entering the markets of the Middle East and the Republics of Central Asia as well as developing the industry of design with regard to in-house decoration.

Kuwait Trade Bank Holds Talks for buying A Share at An Iraqi Bank

Kuwait Trade Bank, the fourth biggest bank in Kuwait in terms of market value, said yesterday that it was holding talks for buying a share at an Iraqi bank and that it would resume the acquisition this year.
Chairman of the Administrative Board, Mr. " Abd Al-Majeed Al-Shatti" , said, on the sidelines of an economic conference held in Kuwait, that the bank is holding talks for buying a share at an investment company which owns a big share.
It is worth mentioning that the holding investment Kuwaiti "Iraq" Company said in October that it was holding talks for selling its share estimated at 20 % at " Baghdad " bank , but it did not disclose the name of the buyer.

Small Indexes

- A spokesman of UNRWA said that the Agency will resume providing hundreds of thousands of the people in Gaza Strip with food stuff after it had fuel supplies enough for five days.
- The Kuwaiti Minister of Finance said on Monday that Kuwait is expecting normal averages of inflation even if the governmental expenditure have risen during this fiscal year and following the increase of incomes of employees at the public sector.

Companies Indexes

- The giant German Airlines company has revealed plans for expanding in the Italian market, as the Italian Airlines " Alitalia" is facing bankruptcy.
- The German DeutcheBank has announced that it acquired 60% of the shares of Taiwan Investment company " Far Eastern Alliance Asset Management".


- "Blue Cot Systems" has said that it signed a final agreement with " Pakiteer" company , the leading company in the technologies of accelerating solutions for the wide networks. The agreement stipulates that "Blue Cot" will acquire the company with a value estimated at 7010 per share or about $ 268 million.

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