Who to Protect the Livestock Wealth?

The Syrian livestock wealth is threatened by lost and waste due to the bitter and bad weather that prevailed in the Syrian desert last season , as well as the big increase of fodder prices . The Syrian desert comprises more than 2 million heads of goats and sheep which have started to pass away one by one in front of the eyes of its owners and no help whatsoever is offered for them. In case the situation goes on like this, this will result in economic consequences due to the death of goats and sheep and the waste of the livestock wealth , on the top of which the increase of meat prices , milk and its products , natural wool, as well as losing millions of Syrian pounds.
There are questions to be asked and answered like what is the role of the government in facing this problem? Is it going to provide fodder with low prices for the farmers? or is it going to offer financial aids for them for securing their needs of fodder ?
In fact, Everybody is waiting for an action to be taken by the government for solving this problem.

Syria Hopes to Attract 10 Million Tourists by 2015

Syrian Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Abdullah al-Dardari, has said the number of the tourist expected to visit Syria by 2015 will reach 10 million tourist, adding that this requires more efforts to be exerted on all levels for providing the necessary legislative structure and other requirements related to that like hotels and restaurants taking into consideration the environmental, social , and developmental aspects.
For his part, Syrian Minister of Tourism, Sadallah Agha al-Qala has announced that the ministry has offered 123 projects for tourist investment for 550 Arab and foreign investments bodies from 15 countries which took part in the 4th Tourist Investment Meeting held in Damascus , adding that the ministry will also offer 60 a five-star-projects, 63 a –four-star-projects with special concentration on a three-star- projects in areas of development in addition to launching 11 integrated big areas for tourist development.

566 Million Dirhams, the Profits of Dubai Islamic Bank

Dubai Islamic bank has achieved net profits estimated at 556 million Dirham during the first quarter of this year by an increase of 31 % compared to the same period of last year. Moreover, the total assets of the bank have risen reaching 85,1 billion by the end of March ,with an increase of 24% compared to the total assets by the end of the first quarter of last year hat reached 68,9 billion.

Syria Allows Importing the Turkish Products

Syrian Minister of Trade and Economy has issued a decision with regard to importing Turkish goods and products including the products of the Syrian Free Zone.
Moreover, the decision has cancelled the statistical statement used before in exchanging goods and products with the Turkish government on condition that all goods and products imported from Turkey to be cleared by the custom house directly.

The Real Estate " Khoyoul" Launches The Project of " Stallion Tower"

"Khoyoul" company, specialized in the real estate development and investment sector said yesterday that it launched the project of " Stallion Tower" with a total value estimated at 350 million Dirham within the project of " Jumaira Village South" .
The project is located within sector number 11 in "Jumaira Village South", comprising 41 floors with a total 286 rooms, and stretching over a total space area of 270000 and 450 feet.
It is expected that launching the project will enhance the value of the current basket of projects which are being developed by the company, including " Abjar Tower" with a total value estimated at 650 million Dirham within the project of " Jumaira Village South".

The Trade Council of the Union of the Countries Overlooking the Indian Ocean to Be Held In Tehran

The 14th meeting of the Trade Council of the Union for Regional Cooperation of the countries overlooking the Indian Ocean was opened in Tehran on Wednesday. The meeting will discuss the work program of the Council in transportation and tourism sector.
The consecutive goals of the Union, which comprises more than third of the world population living in this zone are : liberating trade through adopting policies for decreasing problems with regard to custom tariff ,providing trade facilities as well as investments, unifying custom policies and specifications, technical and technological cooperation for exchanging technologies in industry, insurance, transportation, and other sectors, in addition to scientific cooperation and developing tourism industry.
It is worth mentioning that Iran is currently the chairman of the Trade Council of the Union for three years.

Companies Indexes

- " Al-Taif" company for Technical Services, one of the companies owned by "Mubadal" company for development, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Rolls Royce company with regard to systems of power distribution ,achieving a distinctive landmark in terms of its successful projects.
- Dubai International Company has said that it will preserve its real estate assets in the U.S. amid the current crisis of the real estate sector which slowed decisions of investments for this year.
- The American "General Motors" Company has announced that its heavy losses during the first quarter of this year have reached $ 3, 3 Billion.


- The Exhibition of Gold and Jewelries, held in Kuwait, which witnessed the participation of 117 companies with a total number of visitors that reached 50000 visitors was concluded yesterday.
- The International Company for Exhibitions in Qatar – Qatar IFP has announced that the activities of the exhibition under the title :" Diafa" (Hospitality)- 2008, the 3rd International Exhibition of Food , hotels and restaurants equipment are due to start in Qatar on the 5th of May at the New Centre of Exhibitions in Doha near Intercontinental Hotels.


- The Tunisian Airlines has signed the letter of acceptance with regard to the offer made by Airbus for buying three A350- planes, three 800 A330- 200 planes, and 10 A320planes within its plan for developing, renewing and expanding its fleet.
With this demand, the Tunisian Airlines will be the third African airlines to buy the new Airbus planes model A350XWB in a deal with a total vakue estimated at $ one billion and 570 million.

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