An Event and a Regional Trend

The Confused Israel after 60 Years

The Palestinian resistance chose to launch a painful attack from Gaza on the eve of the celebration on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the foundation of Israel which is led by President Bush in Tel Aviv.
The resistance launched a missile on Askalan center and killing and wounding a number of Israelis. This was considered as a message on the capabilities of the resistance and its ability to deter aggression,
The voices that call for Olmert’s resignation increase while Israel is confused because it is impossible to reach an understanding with Abbas on a serious paper and due to the qualitative change in the Lebanese equation.
The Israeli press focused on the events in Lebanon. Some analysts talked about Israel’s big losses and failures due to the fall of an intelligence system which was carefully built during the last years in cooperation with Western states and some Arab states.
What is remarkable is that some Israeli papers started to call Olmert as al-Siniora to indicate his weakness and the US support that protects him which does not guarantee success or avoiding scandals and defeats.

An Event and a Lebanese Trend

Al-Siniora’s government revokes its two Decisions

Developments accelerated in Lebanon and were crowned with al-Siniora government’s revoking of the two decisions, which have led to a dangerous crisis in the country. The press covered the following developments:
- 1. There are clear differences in the stands of the loyalists and their ministers in the government which led to responding to the opposition’s demand and revoking the two decisions. Walid Jumblatt accelerated the step, but Samir Geagea refused it and al-Hariri was closer to Jumblatt in the last moments. The correspondents’ reports said that Marwan Hamadeh, Elias al-Murr, Naela Muoawad and Joe Sarkis opposed the decision of revoking the two decisions during the government’s session.
- 2. The opposition refused any ambiguity in the retreat of al-Siniora’s government and informed the Arab ministerial delegation that the last deadline for al-Siniora was last night and if he does not revoke the two decisions, the opposition’s leadership will cut communications and return to the field movement.
- 3. The Arab delegation reached a draft of understandings which include the mechanism of dialogue and the points which are included in the house speaker’s initiative. The points also include stressing the election of general Suleiman as a president But Samir Geagea refused this and publicly criticized Suleiman.
- 4. The leadership of Hezbollah showed a political rationality and firmness in negotiations, linking the disobedience to the issues of the two decisions and starting the dialogue. Observers anticipate the message that Hassan Nasrallah will announce toady and it is expected that the Arab ministerial meeting will visit him.
- 5. The discussions of the Security Council on Lebanon reflected that the international equations are not suitable for the plans of some loyalists, who were involved in the recent escalation. The correspondents said the discussions also reflected a wish to support the Arab initiatives. They also said that the French and US stand is different and insists on supporting al-Siniora.
- 6. Experts and analysts believe that the developments of the last week have proved that it is impossible to disarm resistance through any means. In the aftermath of the US and Israeli defeat in the war of July 2006, the Lebanese government revoked the two decisions.
- 7. Sunni voices reacted against the massacres, which were committed by the Future militias and especially after releasing the photographs of the horrible massacre against members of the Syrian nationalist socialist party, who belong to the Sunni sect.

Arab and International Press

Al-Bayan said in its editorial that the scene in the Palestinian lands on the 60th anniversary of the catastrophe is open to the unknown.
The Qatari paper al-Rayah said the meetings of the Arab ministerial delegation in Lebanon are the real beginning for solving the crisis.
The Saudi paper al-Watan said the separate deals between Israel and some Arab states failed to approve the Palestinian state so the Palestinian lands were divided into Gaza and the West Bank.
Al-Riyadh paper said there is no doubt that the language of the mind is absent in Lebanon and the opposition and the loyalists exchange accusations.

Satellite Station Interviews

Assistant secretary general of the Palestinian front, the general leadership Talal Naji said that Israel is armed to the teeth with the most developed weapons in the world and despite this it needs the US support.

Satellite Stations’ News

The Syrian satellite station said Syria supports the efforts to implement the Arab initiative in Lebanon.

Lebanese Press

Al-Akabar said the opposition restored the blocking third by force. What was remarkable is that Junblat informed the Qatari official to inform Hassan Nasrallah that the disputes between the two sides are temporary and the mountain will support resistance and Beirut will embrace it and it is necessary to meet to destroy the schism.
Ad-Diyar said the Arab ministerial delegation arrived in Beirut and it became clear that Qatar exerts efforts to calm down the situation in Lebanon without bias to any Lebanese side.
As-Safir said Beirut restores its normal life and opens the airport and the port.
The paper added that as anticipated, and after a session that lasted 5 hours, Al-Siniora’s government decided to revoke the two decisions against resistance.

Television Stations’ News in Lebanon

Al-Manar said that when al-Hariri discovered the bitter truth which is that time changed he resorted to nurturing the sectarian schism.
The NTV said the government revoked the two decisions against the government while the cabinet is confused.
The NBN said the illegitimate government revoked its decisions that led to the eruption of the schism.
The OTV said the atmospheres of the loyalists refer to a return to obstruction concerning the unity government and the limits of the electoral constituencies.
The LBC said Qatar, which chairs the Arab ministerial delegation, tries to open the airport and the roads as a sign on the success of its mission.

Television Stations’ Interviews in Lebanon

Program: To Say the Truth
Head of the Democratic Party Talal Arsalan said the loyalists have no religion and the opposition will seek other means if the government’s intransigence continues.

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