After the Satellite Channels, A Document For Organizing E-Transmission

Media experts have revealed that a team of members of the Permanent Commission for Arab Media, in cooperation with other experts, are setting up a document for organizing the E-transmission in the Arab countries, following the example of the document of Satellite document adopted by Arab Ministers of Information, mid of last February.
Despite the assurances of Chairman of the Permanent Commission of the Arab Media in the Arab League that the aim behind setting up this document is just an organizational one, yet the argument which has been raised about the document of satellite transmission with all its conditions and terms which was also described as an organizational one, according to those who have set it up, signals the end of the era of free Arab E-media (which is also relative) and joining its sisters of Arab media in the sense that a new restriction has been put around it regardless of its kind. The question is: there a need for an Arab media after all?

Division in Opinion on the Results of Lifting Up The Subsidies of Gasoline

Syrian Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Dr. Abdullah Dardari, has said that lifting up the subsidies of oil products lately has not affected investments in the industrial sector, adding that the activities and work in this fields go steadily and at a very excellent pace. Dardari’s comment came during a tour he made to the Industrial City in "Adrra".
For its part, the Syndicate of Syrian Exporters of Clothes has called for finding urgent solutions for saving the textile industry following the latest measures taken by the government, and especially with regard to lifting up the subsidies of gasoline, pointing out that the industrialists are not against these measures, but there is a need for temporary solutions until their factories have been transformed into operating by fuel.

More than 6 billion S.P. , The Total Volume of Tourist Investments in Idleb

The total volume of tourist projects proposed for investment in Idleb governorate has reached about 6, 5 Syrian Pounds, distributed among different areas in the governorate. Among these projects is an integrated tourist development area.
For its part, Syrian News Agency, Sana, has said that the five projects proposed during the Meeting of Tourist Investment include the project of "Sheikh Isa" bathrooms , which is fit for building a-three-star hotels with a total capacity of 60 beds, and " Bab Al-Hawa" site for building a-three-star hotel with a total capacity of 50 beds at least.

Prices of Lebanese Shares Continue to Rise for The Second Day Consecutively

Prices of the Lebanese shares have continued to rise for the second day consecutively backed by a political agreement between the rivaling political leaders which ended, what some described as the worst political dispute the country witnessed since the Civil War which lasted between 1975 -1990. "Bloom" Index has risen by 7,1% , closing at 2014,88 points, with a very tiny difference of the hit record it reached during the session, closing at 2024,86.
Moreover, prices of Solidere Real Estate Company have risen by 15%, as its Shares Category A have recorded at the last dealings a hit record by $ 35,70 , and prices of its shares category B have recorded $35,69 amid so many dealings.

"Zuaibel" for Real Estates Builds " Tiara" Village in "Nakhlet Jumaira"

"Zuaible" for Real Estates has launched yesterday the project of "Tiara Village" on the eastern part of " Nakhlat Humeira" in Dubai.
The village includes 8 restaurants, addressing all tastes , including the luxurious Chinese restaurants by the name " Haxen" which has been granted the Prize of "Michlan Star". "Tiara" village, to be opened in Summer 2009, is located near the luxurious project of " Tiara" complex of Hotel with a total cost estimated at 2,1 billion Dirham.

The Exhibition of Project Lebanon 2008

The 13th session of the Exhibition of Project Lebanon 2008 is due to start between 3-7 of next June at Beirut International Centre for Exhibitions under the title " the Reconstruction of Lebanon". The exhibition aims at providing all requirements and demands for rebuilding the country , as well as the requirements of the real estates investment in Lebanon and the region, in addition to the requirements and conditions for reconstructing the infra-structure, housing units, factories, and public facilities.

Companies Indexes

- The Real Estate "Sorouh" Company acquired yesterday 60% of " Al-Mihwar" Engineering Company for General Contracting, based in "Abu Dhabi".
- The Palestinian Investment Fund has signed an agreement with a group led by a Saudi company with a total value estimated at 4 200 million for holding a Palestinian trade project in the Occupied West Bank.

Small Indexes

- "International Investment House (Global) has expected gas production in the Middle East region to rise by an annual average estimated at 7,5% between 2008-2011
- The American Minster of Energy, Samuel W. Bodman, told the Congress on Thursday that the increase of oil prices which hit a record of $ 135 per barrel is due to the fact that world oil production is unable to cope with the increasing demand.

Exhibitions & Conferences

- Chairman of the " The International Group for Exhibitions" (IFP) " Abert Aoun has announced that the Exhibition of Project Lebanon-2008 is due to be held between 3-7 June 2008 at Beirut International Centre for Exhibitions " Bial" with the participation of 230 companies from 12 countries.
- A delegation representing the Iranian "Karamanshah" city arrived in "Al-Sulaimaniya" city, north of Iraq for paving the way for holding an exhibition of the Iranian products in this area.

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