Dr. Jose Rodriguez, who heads the Cuban brigade assisting earthquake victims in Sichuan, delivered the message from the Cuban leader to hospital director Li Yuan Feng.

Fidel told the hospital authorities that Cuba has more well trained medical personnel eager to help the sister nation of China in the Chengdu region if the Chinese government wishes.

The 35-member group of doctors and paramedics arrived to China on May 23. Dr. Rodriguez thanked Dr. Li for the welcoming and attention received by the Cuban personnel.

The hospital where the Cubans are working is the largest in the province of 90 million inhabitants and is considered one of the 30 best in the country.

Dr. Rodriguez said that the group is ready to remain as long as necessary and to work anywhere and under any conditions.

Li Yuan Feng thanked Cuba and its leaders for their assistance in this difficult situation after the devastating earthquake and said he would see that Fidel’s message reached the country’s top authorities.

The hospital director also highlighted the excellent relations and historic bonds between China and Cuba which he said have especially been expressed during difficult times.

Li recalled that during his visit to the hospital on Saturday, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao had expressed the feeling of all Chinese in thanking Cuba and asking for the brigade members to be cared for.

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