The Cake of the Antarctica

A few months ago, many countries were racing for proving its right of owning this ocean, and many propaganda steps followed crowned with reaching the bottom of this ocean and planting the national flags there, thus claiming the right of the wealth of this huge sea.
Russia, the U.S., Canada, Denmark, and Norway said that other countries should be forbidden from taking a piece of cake of the Antarctica, despite the fact that they did not agree among them on each share.
About 25% of the world’s reserves of hydro carbonic materials exist in the Antarctica.
The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources estimates the reserves of the North Sea of oil and gas by 418 million tons and 7, 7 trillion cubic meters consecutively.
It seems that the conflict on the cake of the Antarctica will not witness dramatic events on the short term, but signals indicate that such events are likely to take place even after a while, especially that energy prices are witnessing big increase which would push forward to make such investments or may be new conflicts.

Will The Number of Tourists Visiting Lebanon Increase Following Doha Agreement

Lebanese Minister of Tourism, Joe Sarkis has expected the number of the tourists to visit Lebanon this year’s summer to increase by 30% compared to last year , following signing the Agreement of Doha between the different disputing Lebanese parties.
Despite the negative aspects with regard to the average of growth rate of the Lebanese tourist sector since 2006 till the end of last April, yet the Lebanese Minister is still positive that the number of the tourists will be similar to that achieved in 2006.

The Emirati Aldar Company Launches "Bani Yas" Towers

The Emarati Real Estate company Aldar has said that it launched the project of "Bani Yas" towers , and the second phase of the project of "Al-Amoura" complex for addressing the increasing demand of offices in Abu Dhabi through offering 62000 additional square meters in different parts in Abu Dhabi.

Netgear Seeks to Strengthen Cooperation with Aramco

The International Netgear company for Technological Solutions and network equipment has said that it intends to expand the framework of cooperation with the Saudi Aramco cooperation with the aim of getting benefit of the increasing needs of information technology in the prosperous oil and gas sector. _ Moreover, The company has taken part in the activities of the "Conference of Technical Exchange for Telecommunication Engineering" which concluded its activities lately , through exhibiting the company’s new collection of products which will enhance the abilities of the institution’s networks aiming at expanding the horizons of business with the "Saudi National Oil Company".

The Syrian Insurance Sector Grows by 22, 3%

A Syrian official report has said that the performance of the newly- established insurance sector in Syria has risen by 22,3% during the first quarter of this year.
The state-run Al-Baath Newspaper said that the report of the Supervision Commission on Insurance shows that the governmental insurance institutions are still acquiring the big share of the market by an average of 46% of the average of insurance installments , whereas the other shares were distributed among 8 private insurance companies.
Moreover, the volume of investments in the Syrian Insurance sector has risen by 25% in 2007 amid governmental expectations that this sector will witness a bigger growth rate.

The Opening of Women World Exhibition in Damascus

The 2nd session of the 1st International Special Exhibition on Women’s World and Beauty was held on the Fairgrounds in Damascus with the participation of 55 local, Arab, and foreign companies.
The exhibition included many activities among them exhibition on heritage costumes from Syria and Turkey dating back to the Ottoman era, in addition to holding seminars on cosmetic medicine, and healthy ways in taking care of skin.

Small Indexes

- A spokesman of the Israeli Ministry of Housing said on Sunday that Israel will build 884 houses in the eastern part of Jerusalem which Israel occupied and annexed it in 1967.
- Iraqi Minister of oil said that Iraq’s production and exports of oil have increased reaching their highest levels ever since the American invasion of the country in 2003.

Companies Indexes

- "Abyar" company for Real Estate Development, one of the companies specialized in the field of real estate sector in the region, has announced that it intends to increase its capital as well as the minor registration at Dubai stock market.
- The American "Delta Airlines" company is due to resume its flights between Cairo and New York next Thursday following a suspension which lasted for more than 6 years following the attacks of 9/11 against New York and Washington in 2001.

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