Ian Tomlinson died at the G20 protests from an "abdominal haemorrhage", a second post-mortem concludes.

The newspaper vendor, who was filmed by Channel 4 News coming into contact with police at the G20 protests on 1 April, was first thought to have died from a heart attack.

But the second post-mortem examination contradicted these findings, Tomlinson’s family solicitor said today, creating further questions over the role of the police in his death.

The policeman filmed appearing to strike out at 47-year-old Tomlinson has now been questioned under caution for manslaughter.

A statement issued on behalf of Dr Nat Cary who carried out the second post-mortem, read:

"Dr Cary’s opinion is that the cause of death was abdominal haemorrhage. The cause of the haemorrhage remains to be ascertained.

"Dr Cary accepts that there is evidence of coronary atherosclerosis but states that in his opinion its nature and extent is unlikely to have contributed to the cause of death."

Source: Channel 4 News; The Guardian