Hamas rejects the two state solution but says it could still be a part of a national unity government should a Palestinian state be established based on 1967 borders.

Speaking in Damascus on Saturday, the movement’s political leader, Khalid Mashaal, said that Hamas does not view the two-state solution as a viable means to end the conflict with Israel, DPA reported.

Mashaal also warned acting Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas against forming a new government without Hamas.

He made the comments after an aide to Abbas said the Fatah leader might soon task his prime minister Salaam Fayyad to form a new cabinet.

Fayyad had stepped down in March to clear the way for the Egyptian-mediated reconciliation process with Hamas, which will continue on May 16.

The 53-year-old Hamas-leader described such a ’unilateral’ decision by Abbas as a move that would ’undermine’ the reconciliation talks.

Mashaal, who has been the chairman of Hamas’ Political Bureau for over a decade, was reinstated following internal leadership elections late last month.

Press TV (Iran)