In recent statements to the press, the first secretary of Cuba´s Communist Party in the eastern territory, Jorge Cuevas Ramos, said that the ceremony will take place at 7 am at the Major General Calixto Garcia Iñiguez Plaza.

The huge demonstration will celebrate its designation for the third time as main venue of July 26 commemorations, a condition granted every year by the Political Bureau of Cuba´s Communist Party to the Cuban territory with outstanding social and economic achievements. Holguin won the venue in 1979 and later in 1996.

Holguin, with over one million inhabitants was granted the condition of venue of this year´s celebrations particularly due to the people´s efforts and results in the recovery from the damage inflicted by hurricane Ike, particularly in the housing sector.

Still under the difficult circumstances imposed by the impact of the hurricane in September 2008, which devastated nearly all local plantations and thousands of houses and economic and social facilities, the people in Holguin multiplied their efforts in main development programs and boosted recovery actions.

The designation also recognized the important contribution to the country´s economy by three nickel-processing plants in that territory, as well as the good performance of the local tourist center.

A significant achievement by the Holguin health care center was the lowering of the infant mortality rate to only 3,5 per every 1,000 live births. Other factors that have improved the people´s health in the province include the operation of 37 pregnant mother assistance homes, genetics services, intensive care units in pediatric and neonatal services, as well as the work of doctors and nurses who guarantee primary health care.

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