The Brigade has undertaken the emergency project of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our Americas to support anti-vector and epidemiological efforts as well as physical rehabilitation treatments and contribute to the Haitian health system.

The newly arrived doctors expressed their desire to collaborate along with the Cuban Medical Brigade and the Haitian ELAM graduates to help the people of that country after January 12 devastating earthquake.

Field hospitals and other health centers in Croix des Bouquet, Leoganne, Arcahaie, Grand Goave and in the have welcomed the backup. The Bolivian young doctors will be mainly working on community centers.

Leading the group is Doctor Humberto Kana Barrera, from the 2008 graduation, who said he came to Haiti to help that people because he was taught in Cuba to be supportive of the neediest people.

“This is my first international mission and it makes me very proud to lead this group that has the unconditional willingness to work for Haiti,” Dr. Kana said.

Up to the moment, Cuban doctors together with Haitian ELAM graduates and students plus seven American women who also studied in the Havana-based school have set up about 20 points for health care in this city, its surrounding areas and other sites of the country.

They are working in teaching hospitals of La Paz (Delmas 33), Ofatma and Rennaissence, in Comprehensive Diagnosis Centers, field hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

The Henry Reeves Brigade is made up of more than 1,200 Cubans, young Haitians and ELAM graduates from about ten other countries.

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