Mr. Chairman,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I thank the Almighty God for granting me the opportunity to talk with you about one of the most crucially-important issue of global concern. Undoubtedly, meetings of the Assembly on the modification and completion of NPT are regarded as the most important meetings of the Assembly since its creation.

Realization of sustainable security has always constituted one of the most pressing issues faced by human communities in the course of history.
Without security, human beings will never be able to fulfill their aspirations neither in material nor spiritual domains.

The disposition to achieve the goals of security is inherent in the nature of human being. No country, nation or state …………….

Divine prophets, thinkers and people of good faith have always sought to guide human beings through having faith to God, and practicing diving teachings and injunctions which guarantee a peaceful and safe life in both worlds. From the viewpoint of divine prophets, a …. society, is a global society where the belief in the oneness of God is professed, and justice is proclaimed, a place where security, pure, friendship and brotherhood prevail under the leadership of the most noble servant of God together with Jesus Christ (P.B.U.H) and other dedicated people.

In the absence of sustainable security or feeling of safety, no room will be left to introduce a holistic planning towards development and prosperity.
Today, although countries allocate a major portion of resources to boost their national security, there is no sign of any improvement in the current circumstances or the shadow of threat predominating the international climate.

Regrettably, in spite of this vitally-crucial need, and because of the behavior of a few governments whose policies reflect a departure from the teachings of divine prophets, the threat of nuclear bombs continue to cast a shadow on the entire globe, where no one can feel safe. Some governments in their strategies introduce nuclear bombs an element of stability and security, a mindset which is based on fallacy and misleading argument.

Nuclear bomb, even if produced and stockpiled on the pretext of deterrence is a dangerous act and a false strategy which runs against the main course of security. It threatens in the first place that has produced and stockpiled such weapons. You may remember that how the aerial transport of a cruise missile mistakenly loaded with nuclear warhead from a base inside the US soil to another base in the country posed a serious danger creating anxiety and fear among the American people. Second, nuclear arm is a destructive weapon that destroys all living creations including human beings, animals and plant species everywhere it explodes its radiations will affect next generations, with massive and persistent environmental pollutions which remain for hundreds of years. Look at the disastrous consequences of atomic explosions in Hiroshima and the use of depleted nuclear bombs in south Iraq. Nuclear arms are, therefore, a fire against humanity rather than a weapon for defense or offence. Possession of nuclear weapons is not something to be proud of; rather it is ugly and ignominious. More ignominious is the threat to use such weapons, the specter and ramifications of which are in no way comparable with any crime committed in history.

Those who exploded atomic bombs killed hundreds of thousands of people and leveled to the ground two cities, are regarded as the most hated human beings in the history.

For over sixty years the Security Council and the United Nations have failed to build sustainable security feeling of security in the international relations. The current international circumstances seem to be far more critical than those of past decades.

Wars, aggressions, occupation, and above all, the shadow of threat stockpiling of nuclear armaments and weapons of mass-destruction, as well as the defunct policies of certain imperial minded states have obliterated the prospect of security at national, regional and international levels. The existing mentality in all societies is widely affected by a feeling threat and insecurity. The mottos of disarmament and non-proliferation have not been realized, and the International Atomic Energy Agency has been unable to fulfill its responsibilities. Over the past forty years some governments, including the occupation Zionist regime have been equipped with nuclear weapons.
What is real reason behind all this?

In my opinion we should find the reasons in the policies and measures of a number arrogant and ambitious power as well as in the inefficacy of NPT and its imbalanced provisions, and hence, I wish to highlight some of these reasons.

1. Feeling of superiority

In the mindset of divine prophets and devoted people and based on all humanitarian beliefs, superiority comes from devotion to moral principles, purity, humility and the desire to serve human kind, not from the power of suppressing others.
Prosperity and perfection depends on purity not on military power. Unfortunately, some governments, by relying on the outdated theory of survival, find military power and means of superiority to suppress other nations, a policy that has disseminate the seeds of hate and hostility, and instigated arms race in the international relations.

2. The production and use of nuclear weapons

The first atomic bomb was made and used by the United States. This inhuman act apparently gave the upper hand to the United State and its allies in the World II, however it turned to be a main contributor of nuclear arms development by other. The post-world war II era is characterized by a period of intensified arms race. The production, stockpiling, and improved quality of nuclear armaments in a country was the best justification for others to develop their own arsenals, a trend that has been unstoppable over the past forty years in violation of the commitments set forth in the NPT.

3. Nuclear weapons as a means of deterrence

This policy is the main factor behind the mounting arms race, because deterrence requires having the edge and the head both in quality and quantity of weapons, which itself has led to a continual devastating nuclear race. According to unofficial reports, there are more than 20,000 nuclear warheads in the world, half of which stockpiled in the United States. The other side, as the rival of the United States, is forced to continue the development of nuclear weaponry on the excuse of deterrence and these two constitute the flagrant violation of NPT provisions.

4. The threat in international relations to use Nuclear Weapons

Regrettably, the government of the United States has not only used nuclear weapons, but also continues to officially threaten some countries including Iran to use such weapons against them. Years back, another country in Europe repeated the same threat. Meanwhile, the Zionist regime continually threatens Middle East countries. This is a flagrant violation of the UN Charter and NPT provisions.

5. Unilateral use of the Security Council and the IAEA

Nuclear weapons states enjoy exclusive rights privileges at the highest international decision-making body and in the IAEA. They widely use these platforms unilaterally against the spirit of NPT and the non-nuclear states. These unacceptable and unfair practices have turned into a continued process because of being repeated over years.
None of the non-nuclear states has ever been able to enjoy its inalienable and legal rights for the peaceful use of nuclear energy without facing pressures or threats. This happens while, despite the article 6 of the statute, there is not a single report of inspections by the IAEA experts on the nuclear facilities of the United States and its allies, and there is written plan for their disarmament. Whilst, under the pressures of these governments and on various excuses, a number of resolutions were issued against non-nuclear weapons states, to deny them of their legal rights in defiance of NPT provisions.

6. Enforcement of multi-standard criteria

While the Zionist regime has stockpiled hundreds of nuclear warheads, instigated a number of full-fledged wars, and continues to militarily threaten and terrorize countries of the region, it enjoys the full supported of the United States and of its allies to develop its nuclear weapon program. However, the same governments impose heaviest pressures and psychological warfare upon the member countries on the false pretext of probable diversions of their peaceful activities without giving any substantiated evidence.

7. Taking Nuclear Energy Tantamount to Nuclear Weapons

It is clearly evident to all that nuclear energy is the most clean and cheapest sources of energy. Climatic changes and environmental pollutions arising from fossil fuel consumption which is also non-renewable, underline the need for the use of nuclear energy. For the continued generation of 1000 megawatt of electricity in a year needs 7 million barrels of oil that cost 500 million dollars with current crude prices, while the cost of generating the same capacity with nuclear energy amounts about 60 million dollars. Generally the investment needed to construct and utilize a nuclear power plant is less than half of the cots of power plant operated with fossil fuels. Moreover, nuclear power plants do not create environmental pollutions. Nuclear technology can be effectively and widely applied in the production of medical isotopes for diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening diseases as well as in industry, agriculture and in other fields.
One of the biggest treasons committed by the countries which own the monopoly of nuclear weapons is the way they have placed nuclear arms in the category of nuclear energy. As a matter of fact, the path to a weaponry program is different from the process of using nuclear energy and they want to monopolize both the weapons and the energy, in order to boost their ability to force their views on the international community.

8. Lack of balance in the provisions of NPT and the responsibilities of the IAEA

Although NPT has been entrusted to fulfill three major goals of non-proliferation, including disarmament, access of all members to nuclear technology, and peaceful use of nuclear energy, the applicant countries face the most difficult conditions reflected in the adoption of safeguards and mechanisms. On the contrary, no effective tool has been introduced to address the potential risk of nuclear weapons, which is viewed as the most crucial mission of the IAEA. All efforts in this respect are merely limited to dialogue that lacks any guarantee or force. The IAEA has been putting most pressures on non-nuclear states whilst nuclear bomb states continue to enjoy full immunity and exclusive rights.

Dear friends,

It has now become evidently clear that production and stockpiling of nuclear weapons, and policies enforced by some nuclear weapon countries, as well as the weakness and imbalance in the NPT are major factors of insecurity and development of nuclear arms.

Today, nuclear disarmament, elimination of nuclear threat and non-proliferation are regarded as the essential tools for building sustainable security and enhanced peace and amity.

However, the question is whether granting extraordinary authority in the IAEA to the nuclear weapons states to address the important issue of disarmament is the right approach. This policy that has been pursued for over forty years only produced totally different results. It is a simplistic and illogical thinking to expect the nuclear weapons states to take any effective voluntary initiative towards disarmament and non-proliferation, because they consider nuclear arms a factor of superiority.

An Iranian saying reads: A knife never cuts its handle.

Expecting the greatest sellers of the nuclear weapons to monitor the disarmament process is illogical.

The government of the United States that is the biggest culprit in the production, stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons or threat to use them insists on taking the lead in reforming the NPT through a series of propaganda moves. The US Administration, in defining its new nuclear policies, has announced that it will not produce new nuclear arm and will not attack non-nuclear countries with nuclear weapons. The United States has never respected any of its commitments. What are the guarantees for such a commitment or the tool for its verification? I should remind that in the past decades, the United States had most of its wars with its friends. Furthermore, under the new policies, some member states of NPT were threatened to be the target of a pre-emptive nuclear strike. The United States has always diverted public attention from its illegitimate actions bringing into focus misleading issues. They have recently raised the issue of nuclear terrorism as part of its efforts to maintain, upgrade, and complete their nuclear arsenals on one hand, and divert world public opinion from the issue of disarmament by repeating fake and baseless stories on the intention of independent states that defy US expansionist policies.

In the new strategy, there is no mention nuclear strike against nuclear weapon countries in order to concentrate on the target independent nations. Meanwhile major terrorist networks are supported by its intelligence agencies and by the Zionist regime. We have concrete evidence in this very connection that will be exhibited during the forthcoming conference on global fight against terrorism in Tehran.

In the new policy, they say they will not develop weapons, but they will enhance their capability enhancement means giving greater capability to nuclear weapons to kill and destroy without being tested. This is proliferation and development of new weapons, in addition, such policies are not verifiable, because there is no inspection by any independent body on nuclear programs of the United States and its allies.

Let us see the difference in the Washington Meeting, the host country focused its efforts to preserve its monopoly of nuclear weapons and superiority on other countries, while the Tehran Meeting participate were seeking to make the world free from nuclear weapons.

The motto of Tehran Meeting was, "Nuclear energy for all and nuclear weapons for none".

Dear colleagues,

To realize the humanitarian goal of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, and useful use of nuclear energy, I offer the following proposals:

 1. Modification and completion of NPT
The treaty much be changed to D.N.P.T and disarmament must be within the preview of its missions through clear, binding, and effective mechanisms along with solid international guarantees. The mission must be pursued and be implemented by non-nuclear weapons states.

 2. Formation of an independent international group to be entrusted with full authority by the General Assembly with the adoption of the operational procedures of the Article 6 of the NPT, and planning and full inspection on the nuclear disarmament and non proliferation.
This group must follow its activities in a way to ensure effective participation of all independent nations in the management of works with intention to eliminate all nuclear weapon under an urgent timetable, maximum 3 years. Realization of such a goal is technically feasible based on expert analyzers.

 3. Introduction of legally-binding comprehensive security guarantees, without discrimination or condition until the achievement of a complete nuclear disarmament on the part of nuclear weapon states.

 4. Immediate cessation of all types of research, development or improvement of nuclear weapons and related facilities, and introduction of a plan to ensure independent and effective monitoring of non-nuclear weapon states.

 5. Adoption of a legally binding instruction on the full prohibition of the production, development, stockpiling, and proliferation of nuclear arms.

 6. Suspension of membership from the IAEA and the Board of Governors of countries that resort to the use or threaten to use nuclear weapons.
The presence and political influence of a number of countries has so far prevented the IAEA from performing its legal functions particularly with regard to articles 4 and 6 of the statute. The government of the United States should not be a member of the Board of Governors that in addition to the use of atomic bombs in the war with Japan, deployed weapons, during the war in Iraq, with munitions made from weakened uranium. How can such a government be a member of the Board of Governors?

 7. Cessation of nuclear cooperation with non-member countries, and adoption of punitive measures against all countries that continue their cooperation with non-members.

 8. Any threat to attack or use of nuclear weapons, or attacks on nuclear facilities must be regarded as an act jeopardizing the international peace and security urging rapid reaction of the United Nations and NPT members to suspend cooperation with the country that threatened or committed the military action.

 9. Rapid and unconditional implementation of the resolution at the 1995 meeting for establishment of nuclear free zone in the Middle East.

 10. Dismantling of nuclear weapons from the military bases of the United States and its allies in other countries including in Germany, Italy and Japan.

 11. Collective efforts to reform the structure of the Security Council
The current structure of Security Council is absolutely unfair and inefficient. Changing the structure of the Council and completion of NPT are inextricably tied to each other towards the accomplishment of the goals of the IAEA.

Dear friends!

I, on behalf of the great and civilized, and culture maker Iranian nation, that has always been the harbinger of monotheism, justice, and peace in the world, declare the readiness of the Islamic Republic of Iran for participation in implementing the above mentioned proposal and the justice seeking disarmament programs, as well as taking peaceful advantage of the nuclear energy.

I hereby declare with a loud voice that a nation that has nurtured and trained in its cradle great personalities like Ferdowsi, Hafez, Sanaie, Vahshi Bafqi, Avicenna, Abu-Reyhan, Shariar, and the noble and freedom seeker leaders, a Gnostic and sagacious man such as Imam Khomeini (P), and dedicated them to the mankind; a nation that has always been the harbinger of love, kindness and peace of the entire mankind and a poem by whose renowned poet Sa’di glows in the United Nations, reading, "The mankind are entirely limbs of the same body; As they are all made of the same gem"; a nation that declared 2,500 years ago that slavery is annulled and a crime against mankind, that is to say, the great Iranian nation, does not need the atomic bomb for its advancement and does not regard it as a means for its grandeur and pride.

The logic and demand of the Iranian nation is the manifestation of the demand of the entire nations.

The entire nations love peace, brotherhood and hate and suffer from discrimination and injustice. Many of my colleagues heads of governments, and many personalities and well wisher and justice seeker thinkers have in their talks with me expressed shared concerns regarding the need for global disarmament and the expansion of public usage of clean and peaceful nuclear energy, ending the monopoly of its usage, which is included in our proposals.
This is the word of the entire independent nations and governments that say:
Nuclear energy for all, nuclear weapons for none.

Therefore, my presence and my address here is their presence and their addresses.

Dear colleagues!

Now I wish to say a few words to those who still consider production, stockpiling of nuclear weapons as a pillar for their strength and a cause to be proud of:

They had better realize that the era of the nuclear bombs is over now. Production, stockpiling, and threatening to sue the nuclear weapons is exclusively the conduct of those who cannot resort to clear logic and cannot think humanely. Resorting to the language of threats in confrontation with strong logic is a policy of the past and incompetent in our times.
We are living at the age of nations, cultures, and primacy of human power of intellect. Reliance on the force of weapons in international relations is a sinister legacy of uncultured, and barbaric governments of the past.

The policies aimed at bringing under control the entire world has clearly suffered a dramatic defeat, and the dreams of new empires will never come true.

Instead of following the outdated course of the past, it is better to join to the mainstream of nations and independent governments on the solid foundation of human culture and logic. This is for their own good and best interest’s future belongs to the nations, security, peace and justice shall prevail in the whole world with the help of the faithful under the leadership of the perfect human being. There will be no room in the future world for intimidation and arrogant powers.

The collective movement of the world nations aimed at launching major reforms based on monotheism and establishment of justice in international relations has begun.

I hereby invite the esteemed President of the United States Mr. Obama to join this movement if he is still committed to his motto of change, since tomorrow would be too late.

Dear friends and colleagues;

Through cooperation and sympathy, wishing for a world abounding in justice and peace is near at hand and the motto of nuclear energy for all, nuclear weapons for none would be the basis for interactions between human beings with one another, and the human beings with the nature.
Hoping for a day when justice would abound, no human being would get angry, and when he would, he would find no weapon to quench his anger.
Hello to justice and freedom,
Hello to love and affectionate feelings,
And I wish you success, prestigious lives, and victory.