Conflicting reports of violence in Homs, Idleb and Abu Kamal

In Homs people “live a nightmare” whereas “life returned to normal” in Idlib and Abu Kamal, according to Al-Watan newspaper.

Many local media reports are warning now of a slip into sectarian conflict in the aftermath of the reports of sectarian killings in Homs.

Three Assad loyalists were killed and dismembered last Saturday, according to the same source.

The incident caused local pro-government residents to attack residents believed to be opposed to the regime, leading to the deaths of 30 people according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights director Rami Abdul-Rahman.

The Syrian army has moved into several areas of the city, according to Al-Watan.

As for other cities, a civil strike in Idlib ended on Monday. The strike was called after security forces were said to have shot dead a prominent public figure in the city.

After reports of gunfights between local residents and security agents earlier this week, Abu Kamal “returned to its normal life” according to local media, which reported today that prominent figures in the city in cooperation with local authorities were able to “calm people and convince them to remove the roadblocks.”

On the other hand, security is deteriorating in Ma’arat Al-Numa’an, where the government is blaming organised criminal gangs for attacking residents and looting shops and public buildings.

But Reuters and other international media quoted residents saying most of the violence was done by the security forces and a “militia loyal to the ruling elite in Syria”.

Syria recognizes the State of Palestine on the borders of 1967

Syria recognized Palestine as an independent state on Monday, a statement from the Foreign Ministry announced.

An official source at the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that “the Syrian Arab Republic recognises the State of Palestine according to 4 June 1967 borders and Eastern Jerusalem as being its capital…and is going to consider the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s office in Damascus an Embassy.”

This statement comes as the Palestinian authority seeks to apply for full membership of the United Nations and gain international recognition as an independent state in September.

Syria Today (Syria)