As he warned that Israel “is a nuclear threat” in the Middle East, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday that despite the UN failure to adopt anti-Syria resolution, Turkey would impose its own sanctions.

During a trip to South Africa, Erdogan said Israel was a threat to regional stability because of its nuclear arsenal. He also said that the Zionist entity "practices state terrorism."
Israel refuses to confirm whether it has a nuclear weapon, but it is widely considered to be the Middle East’s only nuclear power.

On the other hand, the Turkish PM said his country would impose its own sanctions on Syria, despite the UN Security Council’s failure to adopt a resolution that would have hinted at future international measures against Damascus.

Erdogan lamented the failure of the resolution, but said it would not deter Turkey from launching its own sanctions against Assad’s government.

"Naturally the veto...cannot prevent sanctions," Erdogan said. "We will of necessity implement a package of sanctions."

Russia and China vetoed the European-drafted UN resolution on Tuesday, handing Syrian President Bashar Assad a diplomatic victory.