On 4 February 2012, the media organizations of the War Party unanimously announced more than 200 deaths in Homs - a city "bleeding" -, the torture of children and "relentless" bombing. We are supposed to be witnessing the "most terrifying massacre" since the beginning of the "revolt". Spontaneously, attacks were triggered during the night against the Syrian embassies in Washington, Cairo, Kuwait and London.

In fact, to increase pressure on the UN Security Council and public opinion, the imperial communication apparatus has resumed services after a brief lull.

The advocates of intervention in Syria made a mistake by sending an observer mission. The 160 observers from the 22 Arab League countries were able to establish the discrepancy between the version of events put forward by the West and the reality on the ground. For this reason, their report was smothered by the Presidency of the Arab League, and has not been presented to the Security Council, when it was supposed to constitute the very basis for the new deliberations on Syria.

The problem is that the report would bring to light several points wholly at variance with the current Atlanticist version, when the laws of war propaganda aim to silence all dissenting voices in order to impose its own views.

Since they refuse to endorse NATO’s storytelling, the observers have become embarrassing witnesses. Although the extension of their mission had received 4 votes in favor and 1 against (that of Qatar) by the Ad Hoc Ministerial Committee of the Arab League, they must leave Syria due to "security" reasons, after the Gulf observers were called back and Saudi Arabia issued a call from Al-sheik Aroor for their assassination.
Although he is depicted as a radical Muslim, Sheik Adnan Al Aroor is a former Syrian officer arrested and sentenced to 70 years for raping several conscripts under his command. Exiled in Saudi Arabia, he created his own sect and became one of the leading Takfirist preachers, the guru of the insurgents.

Now that Syria is again the only one in a position to provide another version of events, the lie industry set up for this operation is back in full gear. Once again the sole source recognized by the West and the Gulf is the self-proclaimed Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, based in London and led by the Muslim Brotherhood. No evidence is submitted; a few blurred photos, the juxtaposition of images showing demonstrations and explosions, and some anonymous testimonials will do: the "information" is instantly relayed, with no verification, by hundreds of media across the world.

While they are accused of defending cynical interests, the Russians and Chinese are essentially the last members of the Security Council to elevate the facts above communication strategies and international law above the lies.