An explosion was heard in Al-Mazzeh neighborhood last night.

A funeral of 3 people takes place in Al-Mazzeh and turns into an anti-government gathering; opposition activists talk about causalities.

Anti-government activists: shooting is heard nearby Al-Mazzeh Cemetery.

Funerals of 10 security men and soldiers initiate from Tashreen and Zahi Azrak military hospitals in Damascus and Lattakia.

Reuters News says that two ships from the Iranian fleet Iranian cross the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean after obtaining permission from the Egyptian armed forces.

The American channel NBC states that the United States has sent unmanned surveillance planes to Syria to gather evidence on the movements of the Syrian government and the Syrian Army.

An evening anti-government gathering estimated by 40 people occurs in Al-Ghawas street of Al-Midan neighborhood; another one takes place in a street of Kafr Sousa area.

Activists broadcast a video showing Basma Kadmani, who is a member of the so-called “National Council”, in a television interview with the Israeli TV channel on 2008 when she states “she needs the Israeli existence” and “she is more comfortable to deal with Israelis than with Arab” which government supporters considered “a betrayal requires a trail”.

Mayada Khalil, a member of the so-called “the Syrian Center of Media and Free Expression”, is released after she was arrested with 6 other members 2 days ago.

Damascus Countryside

Gunmen from Arabic nationalities get arrested in Al-Hamouriah area; they had different communication devices.

Activists talk about shooting happened in Masraba town last night.

Evening anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Tal, Kodsaia, Douma and Al-Hajar Al-Aswad areas.

Most of the stores in Barzeh neighborhood respond to the strike the opposition called for; some stores owners talk about being forced to close.

Eyad Al-Yaba dies in Al-Hama area and anti-government activists accuse the security force of his death.


Activists talk about unknowns targeting the governor of Homs’ house with a mortar shell; only material damages are recorded and he was threatened many times before by the opposition.

An armed attack on a vehicle transferring detainees happens on the road of Al-Hsaineya village of Al-Ksair area and results in the death of 8 security men and the death and the injury of gunmen.

Unknown snipers fired on Eskandaroun, Al-Sabeel and Al-Abbasia streets last night resulting in the death of 3 civilians and the injury of 3 others.

Activists talk about massive explosions happen in Karm Al-Zeitoun, Al-Shouhada and Al-Refaa’y neighborhoods; activists state that many armed rebels got arrested in Al-Khaldia neighborhood.

Armed rebels attack a security checkpoint in Al-Midan neighborhood with guns and bombs which led to the injury of a security man.

Armed rebels fire shells at Tashreen Fuel Storage of Homs refinery and damage a tank of gasoline; firefighters controlled the fire.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and insurgents take place in Baba Amr, Al-Soultania farms and Jobar; news on the death of a number of the insurgents.

3 explosion devices get dismantled in a house located in a farm of Baba Amr neighborhood.

Activists: burning tires and shooting happen in Al-Kossour neighborhood and in Al-Souq; an evening anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Kossour neighborhood.

Evening anti-government gatherings take place in Al-Wae’r Al-Kadeem neighborhood.

Armed rebels attack the Consumers Institution of Kala’t Al-Hosen town and steal what is in it.

Al-Farouk Militia kidnaps 12 soldiers, one of them in colonel Isam Nouman, and broadcasts a video to announce the kidnap.


Pro-government activists talk about the arrest of people who used what so-called “black rooms” on the internet; some of them are from foreign nationalities.

A security man gets killed and another gets injured due to the explosion of a booby-trapped car nearby a security checkpoint in Areha town of Edlib.

Armed rebels rob the Department of Agriculture building, steel cars, arrest the guards and steal its equipment for the sixth time within a month.

An explosion device, weighs 20 kg, which armed rebels have placed nearby Jeser Al-Shoghour square, is dismantled.

Armed rebels shoot randomly nearby Marat Al-Nouman checkpoint which leads to the death of a lady.

A video shows a number of soldiers announcing their dissident from the Syrian Army and joining the so-called “Free Army Militia”.

Activists talk about random shooting happened in Marat Al-Nouman area and led to the death of a civilian; residents blame it on the security force.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Ma’rat Nasreen and Bansh towns.

Ahmad Firas’ wife, he is the manager of the linguistic institution of Al-Ma’arra, dies due to her injuries from shooting happened when insurgents attacked the security checkpoint in Marat Al-Nouman.


Anti-government activists talk about a security spread in Basr Al-Harer area on this morning.

Massive explosions are heard in Kharbat Ghazalah area on this morning.

Internet websites post a video of a tank explosion in Daa’l area by “Al-Moa’taz Bellah” battalion.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Dara’a Al-Balad, Tafs and Al-Msaifrah and anti-government activists talk about a death happens in Adwan village.

Deir Al-Zour

Activists talk about explosions and shooting happened in Al-Kouriah town last night.

Armed rebels shot randomly in Al-Jbailah neighborhood last night which led to the injury of Abd Allah Al-Hafez and Ahmad Al-Rafe’.

Naser Al-Sayah’s funeral takes place in Al-Jbaileh neighborhood and turns into an anti-government gathering; anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing him last night.

Heavy shooting occur in Ghassan Abboud roundabout; anti-government activists talk about a ambush placed by the Free Army Militia in the area.

An anti-government gathering initiates from Al-Hsain mosque in Albo Kamal.

An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Joura neighborhood.


4 people get arrested while trying to place a bombing device in front of "New Town" mall located in Halab Al-Jadeda neighborhood.

Armed rebels assassinate Jamal Al-Besh, Member of the Provincial Council, in Al-Sfairah village of Aleppo countryside.

The military operation continues in Atareb town; pro-government activists talk about the arrest of 10 Turkish people and tens of gunmen.

An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Bazaa’a town of Aleppo countryside; others occur in Al-Sokkary, Al-Ansary and Al-Sakhour neighborhoods.

Security forces prevent anti-governments from imposing a sit-in in Al-Ashrafeya neighborhood.


A car contains 58 rifles was seized in Al-Rasafa area of Al-Raqqa countryside.


Gunmen shot on an employees’ vehicle belongs to the bakery of Mharda area of Hama countryside while it was talking the employees back home nearby Kherbat Dames village which lead to the death of an employee and the injury of another.

Anti-government activists: Hasan Zahra, from the opposition, got arrested last night in front of his son’s house located in Salamia area.

Sa’eed Khalid Al-Asa’d’s funeral takes place in Taiba Al-Emam toan and turns into an anti-government gathering; the opposition accuse sniper of killing him last night.

An anti-government gathering occurs in Bab Kabley neighborhood and anti-government activists talk about a security spread in Al-Arba’een neighborhood.

Anti-government activists broadcast a video shows 3 burnt tanks; the activists state that the Free Army Militia has targeted them.

An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Hamidia neighborhood.


A funeral of 2 security men initiated from Al-Watani hospital last night.


An evening anti-government gathering takes place in Ghweran neighborhood and anti-government activists talk about 5 injuries.