Armed attacks on security checkpoints in Job Al-Jandali, Al-Nazheen and Al-Bayyada neighborhoods; clashes between insurgents and the security force take place in the same areas.

A bombing device weighs 5 kg is dismantled nearby Shanshar exit.

Armed rebels get arrested with their weapons in Baba Amr neighborhood, AL-Ksair and Talkalakh areas.

Gunmen attack security checkpoints in Al-Darah and Al-Baidaa’ village; followed by clashes between the gunmen and the security force.

Shooting and explosions happen in Baba Amr, Al-Khaldia, Al-Mraija and Al-Kossour neighborhoods; news on civilian injuries.

Activists: Omar Abo Hafas, a wanted person, get killed and his weapons get seized.

Armed rebels attack Al-Watani hospital of Al-Ksair then clash with the security force which result in the death of a security man and the injury of another.

Armed rebels fire on the security force in Al-Hosen town of Homs countryside and steal private and public properties from the town.

Explosions are heard in Baba Amr neighborhood and activists talk about gunmen bombing a fuel pipeline in the neighborhood for the second time in 3 days.

9 unidentified dead bodies are found in Homs’ neighborhoods, 4 of them were in Al-Refaa’y neighborhood.

An anti-government rally estimated by 500 people takes place in Al-Rastan area of Homs countryside; shooting happens after an anti-government gathering in Al-Ksair area and results in the death of a security man.

Residents of Al-Ghouta neighborhood hold Friday mass on the street; anti-government gatherings take place in Karm Al-Zeitoun and Jourat Al-Shayah neighborhoods.

Anti-government activists broadcast a video of 40 gunmen with RPGs announcing the formation of “Al-baraa’ Bin Malek” battalion.


Social media websites broadcasted last night a video of soldiers in Hama countryside stating that they have renounced from the Syrian Army and joined the so-called “Free Army Militia”.

Weapons and explosion devices were seized while the security force raided a house last night in Al-Hader area.

Activists talk about clashes between the Syrian Army and armed rebels take place in Janoub Al-Mala’b neighborhood.

5 explosion devices are dismantled on Al-Skailbiah road and the security force detonates other explosion devices placed on Al-Rahba road.

Anti-government rallies occur in Taiba Al-Emam village, estimated by 150 people, in KafrNbouda town, estimated by 250 people, and in KafrNobl, estimated by 200 people for what so-called “ popular resistance” Friday.

Evening anti-government gatherings take place in Al-Sabouniah, Al-Hamedia and Bab Kebley neighborhoods; opposition activists talk about causalities.

A bombing device explodes nearby Al-Eskan roundabout while a security vehicle was passing by; the insurgent who had placed the device get killed during clashes with the security force.

Gunmen rob a private bank branch in Al-Mhardah area of Hama countryside and steal more than 63 million Syrian Pounds and 50 thousand dollars.


Two tons of minor used in making explosive devices is seized along with other weapon in Kinsafra village in Azawiamountain.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and Armed rebels in Azawiamountain result in the death of some of the rebels and the injury of others.

Unknown gunmen attack the consumers establishment in Khan Sheikhon city and steal six government owned cars and other assets estimated at one million Syrian pounds and kidnap policeman Wa’elKentari.

Unknown gunmen attack the agricultural greenhouse in Ta’om village and a forest guards station in Darkoush and steal their contents.

Activists say that clashes between the Syrian Army and insurgents in Bsankol village result in the killing and wounding of several insurgents.

Four armed rebels booby-trap roads leading to the national museum in Edlib city using explosive charges and steal some of the contents of the museum.

A protest in Bensh town for around 300 persons and another in Atteh village for 150 in what activists call the popular resistance Friday.

Antigovernment demonstrations in Sarakeb area, Sarmeen, JisrAshougour and Na’aretEnoman raising Islamic slogans and calls for Jihad.

Ali Gazal, WAliGazal, AmmarGazal are released in Taftanaz after they were arrested for organizing unlicensed demonstrations.

Conscript Rami Abbas is killed after Armed militants attacked an Army checkpoint in JisrAshougout and Policeman Ala’ Hosin is killed when armed rebels attacked the criminal security branch in Edlib city.


Opposition activists speak about explosions and shooting in Dara’ albalad and heavy shooting in Tafas.

Protests in Ajaozeh, Al-Yadodeh, Nahteh and Naseeb villages and other antigovernment demonstrations in Al-Msefra and Jasem.

Two explosive charges explode near Al-Amal hospital in Jasem town and three persons are wounded

Deir Al-Zour

An explosive charge explodes when an insurgent was planting it which killed him.

Armed rebels detonate dynamite sticks in Al-Wadi quarter in DeirAzzour city and no casualities reported.

A protest in front of Othman IbAffan mosque in DeirAzzour city for 200 persons and other scattredgatehrings in Jobaileh, Hamidia, Asina’ and Al-Qosoor chanting slogans on support of the Free Army and activists say that security forces killed Nasser Assayah in today’s protests.


Activists: the Syrian Army takes control over Atareb area of Aleppo countryside after clashes with armed rebels.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Fatmeh mosque of Al-Zahraa area, estimated by 100 people, in Al-Soukarey neighborhood, estimated by 150 people, in Al-Sakhour, Al-Marjeh and Al-Sabouniahneighborhoods.

Abd Al-Moa’teyA’weyjki’s funeral takes place in Al-Fardous neighborhood and turns into an anti-government gathering.

Anti-government gatherings take place in Hraitan, Al-Bab and Marea’ towns located in Aleppo countryside for what so-called “popular resistance” Friday.

Damascus Countryside

Anti-government rallies occur in Yabroud town, estimated by 300 people and in Barzeh neighborhood, estimated by 300 people, under what so-called “popular resistance” Friday.

Salem Mahmoud Ta’mah gets killed in Douma area and opposition activists accuse the security force of his death.

Anti-government gatherings take place in Arbeen and Al-Tal areas and were correlated with heavy shootings.

Armed rebels bomb 2 explosion devices in Daraya area resulting in the injury of a woman and her daughter.

A’amer Al-Khateb’s funeral takes place in Yabroud town and turns into an anti-government gathering.

Activists talk about the arrest of 8 people today in Al-Zabadani area under the charges of arm smuggling.

Armed rebels cut off Damascus – Amman international highway in Al-Kadam area.


Anti-government gatherings occur in Basaten Al-Mazzeh behind Al-Razzi hospital and in front of Al-Kabeer mosque; opposition activists talk about causalities and the death of HosamAsfar.

Anti-government gatherings take place in Zein Al-Abdeen mosque of Al-Midan neighborhood, in front of Al-Hasan mosque and Al-Zeitounah mosque of Al-Midan neighborhood and in a street of Kafr Sousa neighborhood.

Funerals of 6 soldiers and security men, who have died during clashes with insurgents, initiate from Damascus and Al-Sweyda hospitals.


Anti-government rallies occur in Ghweran neighborhood, estimated by 300 people, in Al-Kamishly area, estimated by 350 people, and in Amouda area, estimated by 350 people, under what so-called “ popular resistance” Friday.


Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Slaibah and Knainas neighborhoods and “Allah Akbar” shouting is heard in the neighborhoods.