Anti-government rallies occur in Khan Shekhoun area, Al-Hbait village and Al-Tah village of Edlib countryside chanting “the Free Army militia need to get armed”.

Three explosion devices placed by armed rebels on Al-Trembeh exit, between Sarakeb and Areha areas of Edlib countryside, get dismantled; 17 mines get dismantled in Kansafra village of Edlib countryside.

Anti-government activists: Abd Allah Abd Al-Razak Melandie and Sakher Mohammad Taifour are released.

A military source denies what oppositions’ website pages post on the execution of 44 dissident soldiers in Edlib.

Armed rebels kidnap 5 employees of Edlib’s automatic oven on Bab Al-Hawa road nearby Saleh gas station; others kidnap a policeman, Maher Ahmad Zakkour, and a civilian, Hsain Al-Hsain, in Harem area and demanded a ransom of 2 million Syrian Pounds for releasing the latter.

Armed rebels set an ambush for the security force nearby Edlib and clashes between both sides took place last night and resulted in the injury of gunmen.

Activists say that Ein Al-Baida village, located on the Turkish borders, is now under the Syrian Army control after the clashes with the armed rebels last night.

Masked rebels burn a farm belongs to the secretary of Al-Baath Party Division of Salkeen area.

3 members of the Free Army Militia get injured while attacking a security check point located in Kafr Nobl area.

A bombing device placed by armed rebels nearby Al-Mala’ab Al-Baladi roundabout explodes and leads to the death of 3 rebels.

Pro-government activists talk about clashes between armed militias and the security force happen in the northern side of Edlib countryside; deaths and injuries from the armed militias.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Ma’rat Al-Nouman and Jeser Al-Shoghour towns; anti-government activists post names of deaths happen in Khan Shekhoun.


5 members of an armed militia get killed due to clashes between them and the security force in the industrial area of Homs.

The Red Cross organization starts distributing aid in Abel village located 3 km from Homs.

The Syrian Army dismantled the explosion devices armed rebels placed in Baba Amr neighborhood and news on an attempt of the Red Cross organization to enter the neighborhood.

Clashes between the security force and armed rebels take place in Al-Soltania neighborhood and Kafr A’aya town and result in the death of gunmen and the capture of their weapons.

Pro-government activists: 2 dead bodies are found in a house located in the old city site of Homs which gunmen used for torturing and murdering; weapons and military uniforms are seized in it.

3 unidentified dead bodies are found buried in a small garden of Nakhla mosque located in Bab Al-Draib neighborhood.

Activists: food, medical aid and cloths arrive to Homs from Aleppo.

The Free Army Militia announces its “tactical withdraw” from Al-Rastan area on 3-3-2012 to other areas.

Activists: shooting and a security spread appear on this morning in Talkalakh area.

Armed rebels try to highjack public transportation buses from the industrial area of Homs and clash with the security forces.

Armed rebels attack security checkpoints located in Bab Tadmour, Al-Nazheen and Al-Zahraa neighborhoods resulting in the death of a civilian and the injury of others.

The families who have evacuated from Baba Amr neighborhood, due to the clashes happened when the Free Army Militia was controlling the neighborhood, return and aid arrive to the neighborhood; television channels broadcast interviews with the neighborhood’s residents.

A house contains torturing equipments is found in Mazare’ Joubar Al-Gharbia area located in Baba Amr neighborhood.

An anti-government gathering occurs in Jourat Al-Shayah neighborhood; evening demonstrations occur in Al-Ghouta, Al-Khaldia and Al-Kossour neighborhoods.

Anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing 3 people in the northern side of Homs countryside.


Anti-government activists talk about the migration of families from Karnaz area to the outskirt.

Clashes between the security force and armed rebels take place in Mashaa’ neighborhood and result in the death of 2 security men and the injury of another and also in the death, injury and the arrest of rebels.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and gunmen take place in Khattab village of Hama countryside and result in the death, injury and surrender of gunmen.

The so-called “Tansikiat Hama” Facebook page post names of 6 people who it accuse the security force of killing.


An anti-government gathering occurs in the Faculty of Agriculture of Aleppo University.

Activists: shooting is heard in Al-Aa’damia and Al-Hamdania neighborhoods on this morning.

A bombing device placed in front of Al-Sabagh School, located in Bestan Al-Basha area of Aleppo, explodes and results in the death of the child Mahmoud Sobhi and the injury of 4 civilians and a fifty years old man.

Anti-government gatherings, each estimated buy 100 people, occur in Al-Shaa’ar, Al-Soukarey and Al-Marjieh neighborhoods.

Activists talk about the arrest of number of people in Al-Shaikh Maksoud neighborhood under the charges of participating in unlicensed demonstrations.


Funerals of 21 soldiers and security men initiate from Tashreen and Zahi Azrak military hospitals of Damascus and Lattakia.

A pro-government gathering occurs in Al-Sabe Bahrat square and waves the Syrian flag.

Lebanese media sources speak about the arrest of gunmen sneaked into Syria across the border, and possessed American made weapons.

Pro-government activists drive around streets and neighborhoods in Damascus and Damascus countryside and videotape them; such as Kafr Sousa, Al-Mohafaza and Ummawien squares, Al-Ma’ddamia area and Harasta road.

Damascus Countryside

Shooting is heard in Al-Taa’la neighborhood located in Harasta area.

Mohammad Mesto, Hsain Borhan and Raed Berhan were released last night in Al-Zabadani area.

Clashed between the security force and armed rebels take ploke place last night in Daer Al-Asafeer area and resulted in the death of a number of rebels and the arrest of others and their weapons.

Taleb Raslan’s funeral takes place in Douma area of Damascus countryside and turns into an anti—government gathering.

A students’ demonstration occurs in Barzeh neighborhood; evening demonstrations occur in Al-Kaboun and Al-Kadam neighborhoods.

Anti-government activists talk about clashes between the Syrian Army and the Free Army Militia in Joubar area.


An anti-government gathering estimated by 150 people occurs in Al-Harak town; shooting happens in Al-Kossour neighborhood.

An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Dara’a Al-Mahatta area.


A number of dynamite sticks exploded in Banyas area and resulted in the injury of security men; unknowns throw dynamite sticks on a security vehicle nearby Al-Marah area of Banyas resulting in the injury of 2 security men.

13 security men get injured due to an armed attack on their vehicle while it was passing by Al-Center square.

Deir Al-Zour

An anti-governmentgathering occurs in Al-Tayana village; Al-Jazeera TV channel broadcast a video of a demonstration in Al-Kouria town.

An anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Hamedia neighborhood after Moustafa Al-Hwash’s funeral.

Ahmad Hamada gets killed and anti-government activists accuse the security force of his death.