Shooting and bombing happen in Al-Mazzeh-Villat Gharbia neighborhood nearby Tala tower on this morning after clashes between the security force and armed rebels due to a raid on a house used by the rebels; 2 rebels die, one gets arrested, a security man dies and weapons get captured; activists state that the security force evacuated the houses surround the area where the clashes took place for “their safety”.

The Syrian Center for Documentation’s activists videotape the two houses where the clashes took place last night in Mazzeh- Villat Gharbia neighborhood.

President Bashar Al-Assad issues a presidential decree to extend the period to run for parliamentary elections for another week and until 28-3-2012.

Funerals of 20 soldiers and security men initiate from Tashreen military hospital in Damascus and Al-Watani hospital of Al-Sweyda.

Pro-government activists post on website pages a photo of the person who carried out the explosion happened in Al-Tadamon neighborhood on 17-3-2012.

Damascus Countryside

3 explosions and shooting are heard on this morning in Al-Kaboun, Harasta and Joubar neighborhoods.

A security spread appears in Barzeh neighborhood; shooting and explosions are heard in the neighborhood and pro-government activists talk about a security operation taking place Al-Basateen area; no news on causalities.

2 students’ demonstrations occur in Al-Tal and Daraya areas.

An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Douma area and calls for arming the Free Army militia.


A security spread appears in Al-Hamedia and Bab Al-Sbaa’ neighborhoods; pro-government activists say that the Syrian Army took control over both neighborhoods.

Ahmad Mouafak Al-Esper’s funeral takes place in Al-Hawla area and turns into an anti-government demonstration.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Bayada, Al-Khaldia and Daer Ba’alba neighborhoods; evening gatherings occur in Al-Kossour neighborhood.

Explosions and shooting happen in many neighborhoods such as Al-Khaldia.

Clashes with armed rebels take place in Bab Al-Sbaa’, Al-Mraijeh and Al-Kheder neighborhoods and result in the injury of 3 security men and the arrest of snipers.

Ahmad Mouafak Asber gets killed in Al-Howla area of Homs countryside and anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing him.

Armed rebels fire a mortar shell on a school located in Al-Sefsafa neighborhood.

Amjad Mohammad Hameed, a leader of an armed militia called “Rejal Allah”, gets killed in Al-Rastan area.

Deir Al-Zour

Explosions are heard in Al-A’radey neighborhood; another one is heard in Al-Jbaileh neighborhood and is followed by shooting; a third explosion is heard nearby Ghassan Abboud roundabout.

Anti-government activists broadcast a video of an anti-government gathering taking place in Al-Takaya Street and members of the Free Army militia are participating in it.

An anti-government rally estimated by 300 people occurs in Al-Tayana village; 2 evening anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Jbaileh neighborhood and get aired on Aljazeera live; another one occurs in Al-Wadi Street.

A students’ demonstration occurs in the Faculty of Literature of Daer Al-Zour University.

O’daey Mouneer Kanier is shot dead in Al-Shaikh Yaseen neighborhood and anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing him.

Clashes between the security force and armed rebels take place inearby Al-Dalla checkpoint, nearby Al-Mouazafeen roundabout, in Al-Hamedia neighborhood, in Al-Madlaja roundabout and nearby Ghassan Abboud roundabout.

“Al-Kaa’kaa’” battalion of the Free Army militia cuts off the road in Al-Kouria area.


Armed rebels kidnap Soubhy Al-Aswad, director of Public Prosecutions, in Ma’rat Al-Nouman area of Edlib countryside.

An anti-government gathering estimated by 200 people occurs in Al-Tamana’a area; another one occurs in Ma’rat Al-Nouman area during the funeral of Ahmad Mahmoud Barbash.

A video shows a number of people announcing the formation of “Al-Amal Bel Tasleeh” battalion.

2 unidentified dead bodies are found; one of them in Areha and the second one nearby Al-Janouby Bridge located in Ma’rat Al-Nouman.

Mohammad Rahhal is killed in Mara’yan village located in Al-Zaweya Mountain and anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing him.

Abd Al-Rahman A’amer Abdo and Mohammad Ziad Sabagh’s funerals take place in Areha area; Rajab Naief Al-Damour’s funeral takes place in Kafr Nobl town and turns into an anti-government gathering.

The so-called “Tansekiat Edlib” Facebook page talks about a spread of army tanks in Hass town located in Edlib countryside.

Anti-government people say that 8 members of the Free Army militia get killed today due to clashes with the Syrian Army in many areas of Edlib countryside


The funeral for the victims of Al-Slemania neighborhood’s explosion turns into pro-government rally and waves the Syrian flag.

Armed rebels rob E’zaz governmental hospital; stolen items are estimated to be worth 10 million Syrian Pounds.

2 evening anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Sakhour and Al-Sha’ar neighborhoods; a security spread appears in Salah Al-Deen neighborhood; other gatherings occur in A’ndan, Dar A’azza and Al-Bab areas of Aleppo outskirt.

Anti-government activists say that gunmen from Al-Atareb town attacked a military checkpoint located in the town and killed many soldiers.

Shaikh Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Ibrahim Al-A’kkow from Bazaa’a area is released after he was arrested for a month and a half for no specified reasons.

The student Mohammad Kaseer gets arrested in Aleppo University under the charges of “rioting” and participating in unlicensed students’ demonstrations.

An Officer gets killed and others get injured due to shooting targeted a security vehicle in Al-Waha area located on Al-Sfaira village’s road in Aleppo.


Armed rebels steal a car belongs to the Islamic Bank and contains 80 million Syrian Pounds in Al-Kameshley area.

A booby-trapped car is seized before entering a neighborhood in Al-Kameshley after clashes with the security force; armed rebels get arrested and the suicide bomber gets killed.


Mouayad Al-Masrie’s funeral takes place in Dara’a Al-Balad and turns into an anti-government gathering.

Anti-government gatherings occur in A’alma village, estimated by 100 people, in Al-Soura village, estimated by 200 people, and in Namer Kharj village estimated by 50 people.
O’mar Bassam Al-Naseer from the opposition gets arrested nearby Ezraa’ Bridge.

The so-called “Tansekiat Dara’a” Facebook page posts 4 names of people it proclaims that the security force killed.

Women’s demonstration estimated by 50 people occurs in Basr Al-Harer area.

An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Herak town; shooting is heard in Jasim town.


An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Tareek Halab and Al-Hamedia neighborhoods; another one occurs in Kafr Zetta town of Hama countryside and calls for arming the Free Army militia.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed militias continue nearby Al-Madeek castle; the Free Army militia states that it destroyed a tank of the Syrian Army.

A security spread appears in Taibah Al-Emam town of Hama countryside and anti-government activists talk about the arrest of people in the area under the charges of organizing unlicensed demonstrations.

Shooting is heard in Janoub Al-Mala’ab neighborhood and news on clashes happen due to the security raids of number of houses.