Syrian president Bashar AL-Assad visits the Omayed mosque to examine "the standard copy of Quran".

Seven funerals take place today for Army and police killed in armed clashes in Damascus and Dara’.

Anti government activists raise the old over a bridge in al-Baitara square.

Anit government activists burn tires and cut off a road in Al-Assali quarter.

A quick evening protest in Kafersosoa, that dispersed after filming it.

A student protest in Al-Midan for around 50 students.


Clashes between the Syrian Army and insurgents in Al-Bayada, Al-Khalidia and Bab Essibaa’ .

Mosa, Fatima and Ruwida Taktak are killed at dawn yesterday and opposition activists accuse the security forces of killing them.

9 militants killed and 4 civilians in Clashes between the Army and Islamic militants in Al-Khalidia.

Armed rebels attack a gas transportation lorry in Wadi Assayeh.

Activists say that insurgent have hidden medium range weapons in sewer system in Bab Essibaa.

Armed rebels fire mortar shell on Al-Motanabi school and the savior church in Al-Adwia quarter.

Activists say that the Syrian Army now controls Al-Adwia and Al-Mreja quarter after two days of clashes.

Armed rebels attack a security checkpoint near Al-Matahen square, killing four policemen and three attackers are killed.

Activists say that a whole family is killed in Zaidel village in Fairoza by armed rebels.

Mahmod Abdel Malek is killed at dawn yesterday, Abdel Malek is known to be an antigovernment militia commander.

Al-Jazeera channel broadcasts a video showing a sniper known as Abu Hamzeh and a number of insurgents roaming streets in Old Homs with Khaled AbuSalah the antigovernment activists.

Evening protests in Al-Qosoor and anti-government activists say there are injuries that happened while dispersing the protests.


The dead body of Mohamed Bakour Al-Twish is found under the southern bridge in Ma’aret Enoman after he was kidnapped yesterday, and his parents say that kidnappers asked fpr ransom.

Mohamed Kabbanin is killed in Bensh town and activists accuse security forces.

shooting is heard in Ma’rshorin village and three are wounded.

two explosive charges dismantled near the Turkish border line.

A protest in Ma’rshamshmeh for 200 perosns and another evening protest in Kafer Nobel.

The funeral of Kifah Harnbosh turns into a protest.


Five explosive charges dismantled on Mahrdeh-Sakelibia road.

Anti government activists say that tanks were seen in Al-Hamidia quarter, after clashes took place there.

protests in Al-Lattamneh and Kafer Nabodah towns.

Ahmad and Abdul Gafor Al-Kanas are arrested in Taibet Al-Imam for carrying unlicensed weapons.

Explosions are heard followed by shooting in Masha’ quarter in Jonob al-Ma;ab area.

"Hama coordination committee " publishes four names saying security forces killed them.


A protest in Nahteh for 300 persons.

A student protest for 50 students in the literture faculty in Dara’ city.

Ahmad Assahar is killed in Al-Hara who is known on of the most wanted perosns in the area.

evening protests in Al-Hirak, Bosra and Al-Mzerieb.

Damascus Countryside

Shooting at dawn in Al-Kaboun and law enforcement leave Barzeh.

Antigovernment activists say that Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Wazeh is killed along with five others militants while attacking a Syrian army checkpoint.

the funeral of Gassan Kadado turns into a protest in Harasta.

Evening protests in Yabroud town for 200 persons along with Barzeh and Attal.

Deir Al-Zour

News reports say that Army units are deployed after violent clashes with insurgents and opposition activists announce what it called a tactical withdrawal from Atakaya street and Al-Hamidia.

The funeral of Mohamed AlAyesh turns into a protest in Al-koria. AlAyesh is one of the most wanted persons.

Odai AlQunair’s funeral turns into a protest in Deir Azzour city.

Riot police disperse protests in Al-Hwika and another one in Ajobaileh.

Opposition activists say that nine member of the free army were killed in clashes with Syrian army units.


A protest in Seif Adoleh and riot police are depolyed in Al-Ashrafia.

Shooting heard in Izaz and Jamal Hasano is killed.

A small kiosk is attacked by armed opposition militants killing its owner Saif Milaja who is known to be a government loyalist.

An evening prtest in Ifreen.

Two students arrested in Aleppo university for organizing unlicensed protests and another 5 persons arrested without any further details.


the city witnesses a calm day. and colonel Mohamed Ammar Sardini and lieutenant colonel Mosab Barakeh deny report of their defection from the police.


An explosive charge is dismantled in Antioch street and another in Kninas.

a number of wanted individuals are arrested, including a group of students who had narcotics in their possession.