Armed rebels attack Al-A’bbasia neighborhood with RPG shells which injure 5 civilians.

Smoke billows from many areas of Al-Khaldia, Jourat Al-Shayah and Al-Karabees neighborhoods; anti-government activists say “the areas are under bombing” while pro-government activists say the smoke is caused by “burning tires” to delude the areas are under bombing.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and Islamic militias take place in Al-Bayada and Al-Khaldia neighborhoods resulting in the injury of 7 soldiers and the death of a number of gunmen.

The Syrian Army takes control over Al-Watani hospital of Homs after it was under the control of gunmen for a while.

Waleed Al-Bostanie is killed and pro-government people say that he is responsible of the so-called “Al-Hosen massacre” which happened due to gunmen’s attack on the police station of Al-Hosen village.

13 dead bodies arrive to the military hospital of Homs. 2 of them belong to the nurses Sana Abd Al-Rahman Asa’ad and Reem Mansour; 4 others belong to security men.

A bombing device explodes in Al-Ksair area of Homs countryside resulting in the death of 3 civilians and the injury of another.

A demonstration occurs in Talbieseh area and gets aired on Aljazeera Live TV channel; others occur in Al-Hawla area and anti-government activists talk about causalities.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed rebels take place in Abel village located in Homs countryside and in Al-Khaldia, Al-Bayada, Bab Al-Sbaa’, Al-Waer and Deir Ba’lbeh neighborhoods.

A headquarter for radical militia is seized in A’krama Al-Jadeed neighborhood; 6 members get arrested with their weapons.

The so-called “Al-Mo’tasem” battalion of “Al-Farouk” militia kidnaps 2 Captains of the Syrian Army; Ma’taz Ghanem and Bashar Salama.

Insurgents bomb a T 72 tank belongs to the Syrian Army in Al-Karabees neighborhood and broadcast a video of the bombing.

Armed militias destroy tanks and soldier carrier and kill a number of Syrian soldiers in Al-Kossour neighborhood.

The so-called “Tansikiat Homs” Facebook page posts names of 16 people it proclaims that the security force has killed; pro-government activists say that the victims are members from armed militias.


Sa’eed Al-Hasrouney is killed in Edlib and pro-government activists say that he was a wanted man accused by murders.

The official TV channel: a number of mines and explosive devices placed in a farm located in Al-Foua’a area of Edlib countryside were dismantled last night.

Media sources: 7 armed rebels from “foreign nationalities” got arrested last night in Mhambal area of Edlib countryside.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed rebels take place in Areha area of Edlib countryside. Pro-government activists talk about 60 deaths of wanted militia leaders like (Sa’eed Harfouney, Najeeb Al-Bardouney, Ibrahim Ma’touk, Tamam Ziad Al-Sabbagh and Abd Al-Jabbar Abboud).

A large amount of weapons and communication devices are seized in Areha area and the villages surrounding it in Edlib countryside.

SANA: 335 people surrender themselves to the Syrian authorities in Edlib.

Smoke billows from Ein Al-Sokhna area located in between Al-Fouz and Al-Nasera villages; activists say the cause of the smoke is “a fire in the area” while anti-government media sources say the cause of the smoke is “the Syrian Army’s bombing in the area”.

The so-called “Tansikiat Edlib” Facebook page announces crashing a helicopter belongs to the Syrian Army; pro-government media sources deny this news.


SANA: a center used to produce bombs and a large amount of weapons are seized in Al-Daheria area – Mashaa’ Wadi Al-Jouz of Hama.

Pro-government activists: armed rebels break into a warehouse belongs to the Directorate of Foreign Trade of Al-Mazareb area, steal 2 cars and assault the keeper of the warehouse.

A demonstration occurs in Karnaz area of Hama countryside.

Aljazeera TV channel: “crucial” clashes between the security force and the Free Army militia take place in Al-Arba’een neighborhood.

Anti-government activists say that Al-Lataman town is under bombing and media sources talk about crucial clashes between the Syrian Army and armed militia which burn houses in the town and kill tens of people.

The so-called “Tansikiat Hama” Facebook page posts names of 22 people who it proclaims got killed today in many area of the city; pro-government activists say that the victims are gunmen who were fighting the Syrian Army.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Damascus won’t withdraw its troops without written guarantees from the armed groups and the leader of the Free Army militia, Ryad Al-Asa’ad refuses to grant written guarantees to stop the violence.

Funerals of 6 soldiers and security men who have died during clashes in Dara’a and Damascus countryside initiate from Tashreen military hospital of Damascus.

Anti-government people cut off a road with burning tires in Al-Tadamon neighborhood and chant for Al-A’ra’our.

An evening demonstration occurs in Rokn Al-Deen neighborhood.

A sit-in takes place in front of the People Assembly and demands “the release of detainees”; Rema Al-Daley gets arrested during the sit-in under no specified charges.

Damascus Countryside

Media sources: a number of headquarters used by gunmen, a large amount of weapons and communication devices were seized yesterday in Al-Shefounia farms located in Douma area.

A security spread appears in Douma area and news on the arrest of 10 people under no specified charges.

An evening demonstration occurs in Daraya are.

Anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing 4 people in Bait Jen town.

Shooting and explosions are heard in Barzeh neighborhood and pro-government activists say that the Syrian Army has raided gunmen’s headquarters while anti-government activists say that the Free Army militia has attacked a security checkpoint; the clashes continue in Al-Basateen and reach Harasta area.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed militias take place in Daraya area.


Shooting is heard on this morning in Ankhil area and Al-Sabeel neighborhood which is believed to be coming from clashes between the Syrian Army and gunmen.

Demonstrations occur in Al-Mataa’a and Namer villages of Dara’a countryside.

Evening demonstration occurs in Dara’a Al-Mhatta – Tareek Al-Sad; another occurs in Al-Herak area.

Mohammad Kasem’s funeral takes place in Dae’l town and turns into a demonstration estimated by hundreds.


Massive explosions and shooting are heard on this morning in A’ndan and Hraitan villages located nearby Aleppo and pro-government activists related the sounds to armed clashes with anti-government militias.

SANA: Ahamd Al-Ma’loul and Ghassan Al-Ma’loul get arrested and have admitted killing Sareya Hassoun, the son of the Grand Mufti of Syria Ahmad Badr Al-Deen Hassoun.

Evening demonstrations occur in Al-Marjeh neighborhood and in Al-Msaifra town located in Aleppo outskirt.

The security force disperses demonstrations in Al-Soukarey and Tareek Al-Bab neighborhoods.

Deir Al-Zour

Mohammad Al-Homsey gets arrested in Deir Al-Zour countryside under no specified charges.

Unknowns kidnap preacher Abd Al-Kader Al-Rawie who is known for his loyalty to the government from Al-Bolail village. Anti-government activists say that the preacher is in good health and he is going to be released soon.

Evening anti-government gatherings occur in Bakras and Al-Kouria towns; others occur in Al-Hamedia and Al-Jbaileh neighborhoods.

“Al-Ka’ka’” militia announces killing 8 Syrian soldiers.

“Deir Al-Zour news” opposition Facebook page: the General Attorney’s car was targeted in Al-Miadeen area with an explosive device placed in the middle of Khawla Bent Al-Azwar School’s road nearby a military security branch. No details on causalities available.

The so-called “Tansikiat Deir Al-Zour” Facebook page posts 4 names of people it proclaims the security force has killed.

Demonstrations occur in Albo Kamal area and in Hasan Al-Tah Street.