The Syrian Ministry of Defense: "the security forces’ operations will be stopped in the Syrian territory starting on the morning of Thursday 12/4/2012”.

A statement issued by the Free Army militia: “we are committed to Anan’s plan which requires stopping the military operation against the government”.

Media sources quoting the UN envoy Kofi Annan: I have received assurances from the Syrian government about committing to stop the shooting.

Funerals of 7 soldiers and security men who have died during clashes in Al-Hasaka, Homs, Edlib and Damascus countryside initiate from Tashreen, Halab and Zahi Azrak military hospitals of Damascus, Lattakia and Aleppo.

A security spread appears nearby the vegetables souq and Kafr Sousa square and anti-government activists talk about the arrest of “anti-government activists under the charges of organizing unlicensed demonstrations”.

Demonstrations occur in Al-Kaboun and in Victoria Bridge area.

Ahmad Hamadi’s funeral takes place in Al-Tadamoun neighborhoods and turns into a demonstration.

The so-called "Tansikiat Al-Midan" Facebook page announces the killing of Abd Al-Mona’em Ahmad Qwais who is known for his loyalty to the government by insurgents.

A security spread appears in Fares Khourey Street in Damascus after anti-government people cut off the road with burning tires. Cleaning workers re-opened the road.

Salina Abaza, Sasha Ayoub and Shaker Leen get arrested by the private security of "City Centre" mall of Kafr Sousa after they raised a banner that read: Stop the killing.


Four gunmen get killed in Basateen Dousar located in Homs during clashes with the Syrian Army and 9 explosive devices are found in the area.

Al-Farouk militia attacks security checkpoints located in Bab Al-Sbaa, Al-Hamedia and Al-Khaldia neighborhoods which led to clashes resulted in the death of a security man and the injury of 11 others.

Anti-government people broadcast a video shows the formation of "Al-Hamzah Assad Allah" battalion in Homs on 11-4-2012.

Explosions are heard in Al-Bayada neighborhood and anti-government people say that the Syrian Army is bombing the neighborhood while pro-government people talk about clashes between gunmen in the neighborhood.

The security force liberalizes 11 employees of the governmental Company of Water Projects who were kidnapped by armed rebels.

Samer Mohammad Karraz gets killed in Al-Bayada neighborhood and anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing him.


Explosions and shooting are heard in Hraitan town and Kafr Hamra village on this morning.

A demonstration occurs in Al-Jena village located in Aleppo outskirt and raises slogans calling for external intervention.

Evening demonstrations occur in Al-Sakhour, Tareek Al-Bab and Bostan Al-Kaser neighborhoods; the security force disperses a demonstration in Salah Al-Deen neighborhood which results in the injury of a protester.

A demonstration occurs in Al-Ashrafia neighborhood and gets dispersed by the security force and activists talk about causalities.

The security force arrests Khalid Moustafa Houran in Rafa’at town under the charges of “communicating with foreign countries”.

The security force withdrew from Al-Sha’ar neighborhood on this evening after a week of spreading in it.

The Syrian Army units withdraw from Hayan area located in Aleppo countryside.

Mohammad Khalefa’s funeral takes place in A’ndan town and turns into a demonstration.

Damascus Countryside

A security spread appears on this morning nearby Al-Ghanam square and Al-A’rab neighborhood located in Douma area.

Armed rebels assassinate this morning Colonel Jamal Al-Khalid and soldier Jnaid Hasan Al-Mahmoud in A’kraba area.

A security spread appears in Harasta area due to the shooting happened last night and anti-government activists talk about the arrest of a number of anti-government activists.

The security force and the law-enforcement force withdraw from Barzeh neighborhood and anti-government activists say that “the neighborhood was under a military operation resulted in the arrest of 8 people”.

Evening demonstration occurs in Dmair area; others occur in Al-Tal, Zamalka and Joubar areas.


Abd Allah and Ayman Dalatie are released in Jableh area.

A number of explosive devices placed by insurgents in Al-Kabbana village, located in Al-Haffa town of Lattakia countryside, are dismantled.

Armed rebels set an ambush for the Syrian Army in the villages located nearby the Turkish borders.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and insurgents take place in Kansaba and Al-Kasatel areas which result in the injury of soldiers.

Hayan Maya from Al-A’mara neighborhood, located in Jableh area of Lattakia, is liberalized after he was kidnapped by insurgents.


Demonstrations occur in Deir Al-Sharkey, Al-Tamana’a and Kafr Yahmoul towns of Edlib countryside.

Abd Al-Elah Ali Ghazal’s dead body is found under a house’s rubble in Taftanaz town.

Evening demonstrations occur in Areha, Sarjah and Jarjanaz; others occur in Ma’rat Al-Nouman, Jeser Al-Shoghour and Al-Zaweya Mountain.

Ahmad Ali Abd Al-Ghani and Ali Abd Al-Kareem Abd Al-Ghani are released after they were arrested for 2 days.


Demonstrations occur in Kafr Shams, Al-Soura, Ankhil, O’tman and Al-Herak towns.

Anti-government activists say that the Syrian Army has withdrawn from Ma’refa and Ankhil towns and pro-government activists say that “the military operation in these towns was targeting the gunmen left in them”. There is news on causalities.

Evening demonstrations occur in Ankhil and Kharbet Al-Ghazaleh towns. The security forces withdrew from Al-Msaifrah town.

Shooting is heard in Al-Kark town.


Four dead bodies are found in Al-Arba’een neighborhood of Hama. The dead bodies are Mohammad Ryad Saffaf, Reem Ryad Saffaf (14 years old), Mohammad Shahey (17 years old) and Hayan Ben Ahmad Sa’eed.

Demonstrations occur in Karnaz area and Khattab village of Hama countryside.

Evening demonstrations occur in Bab Kabley, Tareek Halab and Janoub Al-Mala’ab neighborhoods; others occur in Al-Bayad and Al-A’lailat neighborhoods and raise anti-government slogans.

Deir Al-Zour

A demonstration occurs in Hasan Al-Tah Street; another one occurs in Bakras town.

Shehab Al-A’nzey’s dead body is found on a street in Deir Al-Zour. He is from the opposition and from Al-Bsairah village.

Evening demonstrations occur in Al-Hamedia, Al-Shaikh Yaseen and in Al-Jbaileh neighborhoods and in Al-Takaya Street.

Salem A’edan Al-Salama Al-Haies’s funeral takes place in Al-Kouria town and turns into a demonstration; Mostafa Al-Nourey Al-Hanshal and Haitham Hassoun Al-Ali get arrested in the town under no specified charges.

Students’ demonstrations occur in Al-Kossour neighborhood and in the Faculty of Science.

Clashes between the security force and the Free Army militias take place in Al-Joura neighborhood and result in the death of Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Fares from the opposition.