The international observers’ delegation visits Homs and meets with the governor with the absent of the media.

The international observers’ delegation visits Al-Barazil, Al-Enshaat, Baba Amr, Al-Hadara, A’krama, Wadi Al-Thahab, Fairozeh, Zaidal, Al-Zahraa and Jourat Al-Shayah neighborhoods and meets with Khalid Abo Salaha and Abd Al-Razak Tlas who is a defected Captain.

A pro-government rally occurs in A’krama neighborhood and an anti-government one in Jourat Al-Shayah neighborhood simultaneously with the arrival of the delegation.

“crucial” clashes between the Syrian Army and armed militias took place in Al-Hamedia neighborhood last night.

Pro-government website pages talk about the arrest of 3 gunmen, from Tunisian nationalities, two of them are Waheed Fadeel and Bo Bakr Bo Battan.

Mnaifah Al-Shareef dies and activists accuse snipers of shooting him in Al-Ksair area located in Homs countryside.

Sameer Al-Sham, who is an anti-government reporter, is killed in Bab Al-Sbaa neighborhood and anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing him.

A demonstration occurs in Al-Waer neighborhood and raises radical Islamic slogans.

Anti-government activists: the clashes continue in Al-Bayada and Al-Khaldia neighborhoods and the Syrian tanks bomb a number of buildings in the neighborhoods; pro-government activists say that these buildings were used by gunmen to shoot at the Syrian Army.


Demonstrations occur in Al-Hbait, Ma’rshoureen, Ma’rshamsha and Kafr Sajna towns of Edlib countryside.

Armed rebels kidnap Captain Ahmad Younis and security men Ghiath Saltana, Rami Nasra and Ziad Al-Samhan from the western side of Bab Al-Hawa border checkpoint.

7 dead bodies are found in a well located in Al-Shaikh Yousif area nearby Aroum Al-Jouz town in Areha area of Edlib countryside. 2 of the bodies belong to Ra’fat Zara’a and Yousif Kurdy who were kidnapped by gunmen earlier.

Anti-government activists talk about causalities after the security force dispersed a demonstration in Ma’rat Al-Nouman.

Some areas of Al-Zaweya Mountain are under the Syrian Army bombardment and pro-government activists say that insurgents hide in these areas.

Evening demonstrations occur in some areas in Jeser Al-Shoghour and in Ma’rshamsha, Al-Hbait and Hass towns of Edlib countryside and anti-government activists say that the security force has prevented gatherings in the city.


SANA: 248 wanted people surrender themselves and their weapons to the authorities which have released a number of them for not committing any murders.

Activists: shooting is heard in Khatab town of Hama countryside on this morning. The security force spreads in the town and Abd Al-Salam Fadel Al-Kasem gets arrested under no specified charges.

Demonstrations occur in Kastoun village and Al-Lataman area of Hama countryside and in Al-Bayad neighborhood.

Anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing A’mad Hsain Abo Hatem and Ahmad Hsain Abo Hatem in Taibat Al-Emam town.

Damascus Countryside

Explosions are heard in Al-Kaboun neighborhood on this morning followed by shooting. The security force spreads in Al-Tal area after hearing explosions.

Activists: shooting is heard in Kafr Batna area, Zamlka town and Douma; a civilian got injured.

Funerals of child Adam Al-Najar and Mouafak Al-Nabolsey take place in Douma and turn into a demonstration; the mourners accuse the security force of killing them last night.

Evening demonstration occurs in Barzeh neighborhood.

Gunmen assassinate Professor Nabil Mohammad Maya, who in known for his loyalty to the government, in front of his house located in Al-Assad suburb.

Gunmen assassinate Ahmad Shierba on this morning and pro-government activists accuse armed militia of killing him after it accused him on “Tansikiat Harsta” Facebook page of “supporting the security force”.

Deir Al-Zour

The security spreads nearby Al-Dalla roundabout on this morning.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and Al-Kaa’kaa’ militia take place in Al-Joura neighborhood; no news on causalities.

Armed rebels fire dynamite sticks on Al-Dalla security checkpoint and no news on causalities.

Activists: armed rebels bomb a fuel pipeline located nearby Abo Hamam area.

An explosion followed by shooting are heard in Al-Souq area.

A demonstration occurs in Al-Tayana village.

Abd Al-A’ziz Ibrahim Al-Haroun and A’mer Al-Khalif Al-Sliman get arrested in Al-Kouria area under no specified charges.

Evening demonstration occurs in Al-Jbaileh neighborhood and the security force disperses it by violence.

Evening demonstrations occur in Al-Mouazafeen and Al-Hamedia neighborhoods; others occur in Al-Kouria and Al-Tayana towns.

The security force spreads in Ghassan Abboud roundabout and the security force fires in the air for no specified reasons.


Activists: an explosion is heard in Al-Sakhour neighborhood and shooting was heard in Al-Marjeh neighborhood last night.

Omar Abboud Rasheed’s funeral takes place in Deir Sama’an town and turns into a demonstration.

The security force disperses a demonstration violently in Saif Al-Dawla neighborhood.

Evening demonstrations occur in Masaken Hanano, Bostan Al-Kaser and Al-Fardous neighborhoods; an evening one estimated by hundreds occurs in A’ndan town of Aleppo countryside.

Mohammad Abd Al-Ghani Al-Nief’s funeral takes place in Maree’ town and Mohammad Saleh Abd A-Salam’s in A’ndan town and both turn into demonstrations.


The Security Council approves the draft of deploying observers in Syria with the consent of 15 members according to Resolution 2043 which states for the deployment of 300 observers to oversee the Annan’s plan for a cease-fire.

An explosion is heard in Al-Mazzeh area nearby the military airport. Pro-government activists say that “the explosion is caused by military training” while anti-government activists say that “a booby-trapped car exploded in the area”.

A bombing device explodes in a military vehicle on Damascus - Al-Sabboura road and results in the death of 4 military men.

SANA: 30 detainees are released after proven they did not commit murders.

The sit-in of “Syrian is our land” party turns into a hunger strike in Al-Shahbandar square. It is led by the head of the party Majd Niazie under the slogan “a hunger strike until hungry people are feed".

Funerals of 37 soldiers and security men who have died during clashes in Damascus, Damascus countryside, Aleppo, Homs and Dara’a initiate from Tashreen, Halab, Zahi Azrak, Al-Shourta and Al-Watani military hospitals of Damascus, Damascus countryside, Aleppo, Lattakia and Al-Sweyda.

An evening demonstration occurs in Kadsia and gets dispersed by the security force using tear gas; others occur in Al-Midan and Bab Sraijeh neighborhoods.

The members of “the Syrian Center for Free speech” got refer to Adra prison while the center’s president Mazen Darouish, Abd Al-Rhman Hamada, Hsain Ghrair, Mansour Hameed and Hani Al-Zetani are still arrested under no specified charges.


Activists: an anti-government sit-in takes place in the Faculty of Civic Engineering and demands the release of the detainees.


A bombing device explodes while preparing it in Al-Jiezeh village of Dara’a countryside which result in the death of Kosay Ahmad Abd Al-Rahman and the injury of his sister Eman.

Demonstrations occur in Al-Ktaibeh and Kafr Shams villages of Dara’a countryside.

Ali Al-Salkhadi’s dead body is found nearby Al-Manshia mosque. He is from Al-Na’aimeh town of Dara’a countryside.

An explosive device placed in a car gets dismantled in O’yhman town of Dara’a countryside.

Pro-government activists: Hsain Shehada Al-Zoughbey’s dead body is found in between Al-Msaifrah and Al-Sahwa villages of Dara’a countryside. He is the governor of Al-Msaifrah village and was kidnapped by insurgents on the 17th of this month.

Mnhal Mohammad A’yash’s funeral takes place in Kheel town and turns into a demonstration and anti-government people accuse the security force of killing him.

The Free Army militia announces the assassination of Captain Wajeh Ramadan.

Kosay Mohammad Al-Zo’bey takes place in Al-Jieza town and anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing him.