Takfirists constitute a sectarian and extremely marginal strand of Sunni Islamism. They see heretics everywhere and consider that murdering them is legal. They lash out primarily against the Muslims around them, enjoining them to return to the fold.

In modern times, Takfirism resurged in Algeria where it was used by the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria (GIA) to plunge the country into civil war. Today it is backed by a faction of the Saudi royal family allied to the United States and Israel to overthrow the secular regime in Syria.

At the beginning of 2012, wealthy Saudis belonging to this sect were solicited to fund and enlist suicide bombers to carry out attacks in Syria. In doing so, these patrons think they are paying off the Islamic tithe.

In the video below a man is auctioning the life of one of his sons to a Takfirist for 1.5 million Saudi riyals (about 400,000 dollars). A few weeks later, the teenager, after being drugged, blew himself up in Idlib. The attack was claimed by Al Qaeda.

The auctioneer had already offered the life of another son for the jihad in Syria. By definition, Muslims can not engage in holy war against other Muslims. However, Takfirists consider the vast majority of Muslims as heretics and regard Syrians as nothing but infidels whose murder paves the way to paradise.

In the second part of the video, the survivors are seen ranting against Sheikh Al-Arour Andan, the takfirist a preacher who became the spiritual leader of the Syrian Army free.