Anti-government activists say Syrian Army shells Al-Karabees and Jouret Al-Shaiah neighborhoods for the fifth day on the row, where pro-government activists say the bombed areas are centers for militants

Evening clashes take place between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Al-Rastan area located in Homs province, what resulted in the death of dozens of militants and the confiscation of their arms

Militants targeted yesterday night a military bus in Al-Quseir area located in Homs countryside; resulting in the death of 2 Syrian Army members

Armed conflicts take place between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Al-Quseir area of Homs countryside, what resulted in the wreck of a Dushka vehicle and the death of the gunmen who were riding it

A videotape show a number of militants including lieutenant Samer Tlas, announcing the formation of Omar Bit Al-Khattab battalion in Homs province

Pro-government media sources: competent authorities discover a tunnel that was used by militants to transfer arms and ammunition, where the tunnel extends from Jouret Al-Shaiah to Al-Assi river of Homs city

Demonstration appears in Al-Wa’er neighborhood and separated without incidents

Homs anti-government coordination publish 12 names including 7 militants of Free Army militia, claiming to be killed during bombardments of government forces on several neighborhoods of Old Homs


Government TV channel: 3 wanted militants Kuteiba Abdurrahman Jibrael, Ahmad Ismael Ismael and Aved Al-Jalil Abbara get killed in Al-Attareb village located in Aleppo outskirts

Engineering units of Syrian Army dismantled yesterday two explosive devices, one of them wes planted in Al-Sirian Al-Kadeemeh road and the other one was planted in Al-Sakhour area located in Aleppo province

A voice bomb blasted this morning in Al-Ashrafieh neighborhood, where an explosive charge gets dismantled in the same area; causing no injuries

Night severe clashes appeared yesterday between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Al-Abzamo town located in Aleppo outskirts

The funeral of Shaza Hourai appears in Al-Ebzemo town located in Aleppo outskirts, where the mourners accuse Syrian security forces of killing her

A video shows bombing a tank for Syrian Arab Army in Al-Ezaz area located in Aleppo Outskirts

According to anti-government activists, Syrian Army artillery shells Al-Abzamo village located in Aleppo outskirts

Demonstration takes place in Zummar village of Aleppo outskirts

Funeral of Ayman Suleiman turns into a demonstration in Al-Bustan neighborhood of Aleppo city

Demonstration appears in so-called by anti-governments Loyalty for martyr Ahmad Al-Sheikh Wednesday in Souran town

Evening demonstration take place in Al-Sha’ar, Al-Hamidieh, Al-Muhafaza neighborhoods, Mare’ and Bazza’a areas

Deir Al-Zour

Syria Red Crescent organization: the driver Khalid Khafaji got killed yesterday by two unknowns’ bullets shot and killed during his task in Deir Al-Zour province

A video shows a number of Gunmen announcing the arrest of a number of Syrian Arab Army soldiers headed by first Lieutenant Hussein Abbas, as well targeting the buildings of State Security and Political Security in Deir Al-Zour

Nine unknown source shells have been fired on Al-Busweid neighborhood of Al-Muhasan village located in Deir Al-Zour countryside, where shells were fired on Al-Hamidieh neighborhood and Al-Takaya Street

Pro-government activists: the wanted militants Yahia Al-Talab, Omar Kan’an, Muhammad Rashid Hattab and Mu’een Al-Deeb get killed during clashes with Syrian Army

Free Army militia claims responsibility for bombing a Syrian Army checkpoint in Al-Hweika neighborhood, what resulted in the death of all its members

Damascus Countryside

Explosions were heard yesterday in Daria city of Damascus countryside and severe clashes take place today between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Damascus, expanding to the orchards, where medium and small arms were used, what resulted in victims from both sides

SANA: Syrian Army engineering units dismantle explosive charges that were planted in roads that Syrian Army pass through them

Syrian Army units find a factory for manufacturing explosive materials during clashes in Daria city located in Damascus countryside

Muhammad Hasan Fadel and Muhammad IdreesYousef who were abducted a week ago get released in Daria area located in Damascus countryside

Anti-government activists publish a videotape that shows the abducted Gen. Muneer Al-Shibli with torture marks on him, where militants investigate him and accuse him for his responsibility of suppressing demonstrations

Evening demonstrations take place in Babeela, Jobar, Barzeh and Al-Kaboun areas


Heavy security forces spread appears this dawn in Al-Kadam neighborhood, where separated clashes take place this noon and afternoon in the very neighborhood

Rebels block a street and set fires near Bab Musalla roundabout located in Damascus countryside

An explosive charge that was planted in a vehicle near the Oil Ministry in Al-Adawi area of Damascus explodes; resulting in the death of its driver

Evening anti-government gathering appear in Al-Midan, Kafarsouseh and Mukhayam Al-Yarmouk neighborhoods, where they separated without incidents


Armed confrontations appeared yesterday between Syria Army and militants in Jisr Al-Shughour area, what resulted in the arrest of Ammar Al-Amoura and Muhammad Al-Ghareeb and the confiscation of their weapons

Anti-government activists: Syrian Army shells Al-Kinda, Al-Rami villages of Jisr Al-Shugour area and Bansia village located in Edlib countryside

Unidentified persons fire at a public transportation bus in Jisr Al-Shughour - Al-Najieh road located in Edlib countryside, which resulted in the death of 3 citizens and other injuries

Misyaf anti-government coordination publish a statement, demanding Free Army militia in northern Syria to claim its responsibility and to reveal the fate of Palestinian soldiers who were kidnapped near their military service place, where The World Today news channel says that the bodies of the abductees’ were found shot dead

Eight persons known as their pro-government attitude get abducted in Al-Fou’a village of Edlib countryside, where anti-government activists published a videotape, showing militants warning not to deal with the village’s people for sectarian reasons

Armed rebels kidnap 10 persons under the charge of dealing with Syrian security forces in Salkeen town of Edlib countryside


Morning demonstrations take place in Al-Harak, western Al-Muleha, Karfa, Al-Yadouda and Da’el town of Daraa countryside

According to anti-government activists, Syrian Army shells Daraa Al-Balad and Baser Al-Hareer town located in Daraa countryside

According to anti-government activists, many mortar shells have been fired on Atman village of Daraa countryside

Funeral of Leen Al-Falouji appears in the middle of a demonstration in Al-Kashef neighborhood


SANA: engineering units of Syrian Army foil a suicide car bomb that contained 1600 Kg of explosives, where the driver got killed and his car got blasted before he arrived to the targeted checkpoint, which resulted in the death of the gunman and the injury of 8 Syrian Army members

Anti-government gathering appear in Kafarnabouda village and Halfaya town located in Hama countryside

According to anti-government activists, Syrian Army artillery shells Taibet Al-Imam town and Jabal Shaheshbo village located inHama countryside

Unidentified people burn houses that belong to pro-government allies in Al-Taweeni located in Sahel Al-Ghab area of Hama countryside

Anti-government activists: a huge explosion was heard in Hama – Muhardeh road near Al-Hikmeh school

Competent authorities arrest 22 persons under no specific charge in Souran town located in Hama countryside

A videotape shows Allah’s prophet battalion of Free Army militia, targeting a Syrian Army checkpoint near Al-Sukkari clinic

A videotape shows abduction by militants for First Assistant Hussein Muhammad of Syrian security forces

Evening demonstrations take place in Al-Sabounieh, Al-Sheikh Anbar, Halab road, Al-Ta’awonieh neighborhoods of Hama city, Kafar Zita and Al-Tawbeh town of Hama countryside