An explosive charge gets detonated in a Mercedes Car parked on Al-Maze Highway, what resulted in two injuries and some material damages

Morning demonstrations initiate in front of Al-Mustafa Mosque located in Al-Maze neighborhood in Damascus of what opposition calls “overthrow Annan, The sever of Assad and Iran”. The demonstrators chanted for Al-Maze neighborhood and raised the slogan of “Alas Allah, where is the Islam”. Others take place in Al-Zahra, Kafar Souseh, Al-Midan and Al-Assali neighborhoods, in solidarity with Al-Tremseh residents

Anti-government activists: four deaths including a member of Free Army militia occurred during clashes with Syrian security forces in Al-Tadamon neighborhood of Damascus, just after the law enforcement forces disperse by force an anti-government gathering

Al-Tadamon neighborhood anti-government coordination says that Free Army militia have raided on Al-Tadamon Police Station; resulted in 2 deaths and 4 injuries upon the policemen


Demonstrations appear in Al-Hawash, Al-Maaeka and Al-Hwiez villages, where others occur in Mork town, of what anti-government activists call “Overthrow Annan, the server of Assad and Iran”

SANA: 40 militants were arrested in Al-Tremseh and 3 soldiers of Syrian Arab Army were killed during the clashes appeared in the very area

Military Source: Syrian Arab Army besieges centers for anti-government militants, arrest many and kill other in Al-Treimseh area

Evening demonstrations take place in Al-Jalaa, Al-bayad, Bab Qublie, Al-Alelyat, Aleppo Road and Al-Hamedia neighborhoods of Hama City. Others appear in Al-Hwash, Al-Hwyjeh and Kafarzeta of Hama Countryside.


Ahfad Khalid Battalion attack this dawn a military checkpoint in Old Homs in response to what the named “Al-Tremseh Massacre”

Anti-government Activists: Syrian Army shells Al-Bayada, Jouret Al-Shayah and Al-Qarabees neighborhoods of Homs city and Talbeseh area of Homs Countryside

Syrian border patrols foil insurgents’ infiltration attempt through Al-Nora and Al-Koshra crosses in Talkalakh area of Homs Countryside

Activists say that Muhanad Qabaqebo was killed by security forces in Al-Qarabees neighborhood in Homs

Severe clashes appear in Al-Khaldia and Al-Qusour neighborhoods in Homs city, where a shell is fired on a building in Al-Rastan area of Homs Countryside

The detained families by militants in Bustan Al-Dywan and Al-Hamedia arrived to Al-Bushara Church located in Al-Mahata neighborhood of Homs city

Demonstrations take place in Al-Malaab and Al-Waaer neighborhoods, where funerals of three victims initiate in a demonstration seen in Talbeseh area

Gunmen attack a checkpoint for law enforcement forces near Talbeseh Bridge, what resulted in two injuries

Damascus Countryside

Anti-government activists talk about bombardments by Syrian Arab Army on Mesraba town in Damascus Countryside

Demonstrations appear in Barze and Al-Qaboun neighborhoods, Qudsaia, Yabroud, Al-Tal, Bebeila and Yelda areas. Others take place in Harasta and Duma cities in Damascus Countryside, of what opposition calls “Overthrow Annan, the server of Assad and Iran” Friday

Clashes between Syrian Arab Army and armed rebels take place in Al-Qaboun and Barzeh areas of Damascus Countryside

Anti-government activists: Syrian Government forces fire mortar shells on Barze Orchards, what resulted in 4 deaths

Demonstrations take place this dawn in Al-Qaboun neighborhood and Qudsaia town of Damascus Countryside, in condemnation of Al-Treimseh Massacre in Hama Countryside

The funeral of the journalist and photographer in Al-Thawra Newspaper, Ihsan Al-Bunni, initiates from Al-Hassan Mosque in Al-Midan of Damascus, where he was assassinated the moment he left his house located in Daraia area of Damascus Countryside

Government opponents: cars belong to Syrian security forces have been targeted via an explosive charge in Al-Qaboun neighborhood near the cemetery, what resulted in one death and several injuries from the government forces side

A girl from Al-Sous family has been abducted in Jobar area after shooting fire on her father and brother for sectarian reasons


Morning demonstrations take place in Kobani, Tal Rifat and Sheikh Faris towns located in Aleppo outskirts. Others occur in Salah Al-Din neighborhood, of what anti-government activists call “overthrow Annan, the server of Assad and Iran”

A female citizen get killed in Al-Sukari neighborhood located in Aleppo outskirts

Evening demonstrations occur in Daret Eza, Al-Attareb, Masaken Hanano and Kafar Noran areas located in Aleppo outskirts, in condemnation of Al-Treimseh Massacre

A car bomb explosion appears on Damascus – Aleppo Road near a security checkpoint, what resulted in the death of both suicide bombers and some material damages

Activists: Ghazi Entab Battalion, of Al-Fatah Battlion, of Free Army militia, claims responsibility for assassinating Muhi Al-Din Nour Al-Din, the head of Military Security Detachment in Endan of Aleppo outskirts on 13-7-2012

Al-Farouk Battalion abducts the assistant Shyfan Hussein and a sergeant from Syrian security forces in Khan Al-Subul village located in Aleppo outskirts on 7-7-2012

Syrian security forces disperse by forces double anti-government gatherings in Al-Shaar and Bustan Al-Qaser neighborhoods, where news says that one has died and several injuries have been recorded

The funeral of Ghazi Al-Ezo appears in a demonstration seen in Nyara village

Free Army militia announces the death of three members including a leader of a radical group named Muhammad Fawzie Hafez in Mareaa area of Ezaz city

Media Sources: Syrian security forces clash with opponent insurgents in Daret Eza area, what resulted destroying their cars and killing 7 of them


Morning demonstrations appear in Al-Habait, Tal Al-Karama, Bennesh, Maaret Al-Nouman, Haish, Hass and Kafar Nubul towns, in Al-Najia and Kafar Sejneh villages located in Edlib Countryside, of what opponent activists call “Overthrow Annan, the server of Assad and Iran”

The body of the Citizen Muhammad Ali Al-Kasem has been found in Taftanaz town, after being kidnapped earlier in Al-Foaa village in Edlib Countryside

Hashem Mahmoud Husrum and Muhammad Fouad Al-Khateib get killed in Al-Rami village of Edlib Countryside, where opponents accuse Syrian security forces of killing them

Armed conflicts appear on Aryha – Jeser Al-Shughour Road and resulted in the death of several rebels and destroying their cars

Evening demonstrations appear in Maaret Al-Nouman, Saraqube, Bennesh, Kafar Awied, kafar Nubul and Taftanaz towns located in Edlib Countryside, in condemnation of Al-Treimseh Massacre

Syrian Arab Army clashes with radical militants in Al-Rami town located in Jabal Al-Zawya, what resulted in victims from the both sides

Pro-government activists confirmed the death of the Wanted Mwafak Imad Al-Asaad, the nephew of Free Army militia leader Riad Al-Asaad, during clashes with Syrian Arab Army units on Syrian-Turkish borders

Anti-government gunmen announce their control over Civil Defense Units located on Jeser Al-Shughour – Lattakia Road, where the Syrian Arab Army surrounded the very area

Demonstrations take place in Korien, Kafar Awied, Dair Sharkie and Khan Shykhoun villages, with the participation of armed members in a demonstration Sulqin village

Around 80 radical insurgents announce the formation of “Soldiers of our Master Prophet Muhammad” Battalion and joining the Free Army militia in Sulqin town of Edlib Countryside


Demonstrations take place in Karfa, Al-Harrak, Al-Gharba Al-Sharkia, Om Wald, Khourbet Ghazala, Maarba, Tsyl, Enkhil and Buser Al-Hareir of Darra Countryside. Others occur in Al-Qusour neighborhood, of what anti-government activists call “Overthrow Annan, the Server of Assad and Iran”

Activists: Syrian Arab Army shells Daael town of Daraa Countryside, which resulted in one injury

Syrian Army Artillery is bombing Daraa Al-Balad and Al-Jeza village

Evening demonstrations appear in Al-Hara and Al-Harak towns of Daraa Countryside, in solidarity with Al-Treimseh residents in Hama Countryside


Evening demonstrations occur in Al-Gharbie neighborhood of Al-Qamishlie city and in Amouda city of Hasaka, in condemnation of Al-Treimseh Massacre, where an anti-government gathering takes place in Gwieran neighborhood on “Overthrow Annan, the server of Assad and Iran”

Deir Al-Zour

Morning demonstration appears in Al-Miadeen city of Deir Al-Zour province, of what anti-government activists call “overthrow Annan, the server of Assad and Iran” Friday

Demonstrations take place in Al-Hwika, Al-Jbailia, Al-Aradi, Al-Qusour and Al-Hamedia neighborhoods of Deir Al-Zour province. Others occur in Mo Hasan, Al-Quraia and Al-Shaaitat towns of Deir Al-Zour Countryside