Spokesman of Syrian foreign ministry: what happened in Al-Tremseh village of Hama countryside was an operation for Syrian Army against shelters for militants, what resulted in the destruction of 5 buildings, the death of 37 gunmen and only 2 civilians

Severe clashes appear between Syrian security forces and armed militias in Al-Tadamon and Al-Midan neighborhoods, where light and medium weapons were used; resulted in several deaths and injuries from both sides

Deployments for Syrian security forces appear in Bab Musalla square and the entries of Al-Meedan and Al-Tadamon neighborhoods, where gunfire was heard in the area and the demonstrations of Al-Baramkeh and Daf Al-Shok end without incidents and a relative calm take place in Al-Amwyeen, Al-Abbasyeen, Al-Sabee Bahrat squares Al-Jeser Al-Abyad, Ruken Al-Din, Al-Maysat, Al-Mazzeh, Al-Adawi and Tarrek Al-Matar highway of Damascus

Al-Arabia news TV channel say the Chairman of the Political Security branch defected yesterday evening from Syrian Army in Damascus, where local media sources deny the report

An explosive charge explosion appears on Al-Mutahallek Al-Janoubi highway near Al-Zahira bridge of Damascus, what resulted in 3 injuries

The activist in Homs anti-government coordination, Salim Kabani, has been detained during his presence in Damascus City

Damascus Countryside

Anti-government activists say Syrian Army shells this morning Al-Mu’addamieh area of Damascus countryside

Bilal Abed Al-Majeed gets killed in Al-Tal area of Damascus countryside, where anti-government activists accuse Syrian security forces for killing him

Armed rebels burn houses of persons known for their pro-government attitude in Misraya town of Damascus countryside

Unidentified militants block a street in Babbeela town with burning tires, what resulted in burning of shops in the town, where Babbeela anti-government coordination refuses any relations with the operation or calls for strikes

Unidentified rebels block the street that connects Al-Kadam and Al-Assali neighborhoods with Burning tires, where gunfire are heard in the area

Anti-government activists accuse Syrian security forces for killing both of Tamer Ayash and Ammar Bitar in Sidi Kaddad area of Damascus countryside

Pro-government activists: Syrian Army shells shelters for militants in Al-Muleiha area

Evening demonstration takes place in Al-Kaboun neighborhood of Damascus countryside

Funeral of Bilal Abed Al-Majeed appears in the middle of a demonstration in Al-Tal town, where funeral of Muhannad Barakat takes place in Yabroud town


A delegation of UN observers visits Al-Wa’er neighborhood of Homs city and talk to its residents

Syrian Army shells this dawn Al-Sultanieh, Jobar orchards, Al-Karabees and Jouret Al-Shaiah neighborhoods of Homs province

Armed confrontations take place in Al-Karabees neighborhood of Homs city, what resulted in the death of 6 law enforcement forces members and the injury of 55 others

Free Army militia announces the death of Sa’eed Mashnan, Imad Karajeh Al-Lababidi In Al-Khalidieh and Ammar Oleiwi in Baba Amr neighborhood during clashes with Syrian Army units in Homs city

Al-Ansari battalion of Free Army militia announces the death of a leader called Abu Nader Al-Ansari during clashes with Syrian Army forces in Al-Karabees neighborhood of Homs city

SANA: an armed group that contains 18 militants surrender to Syrian security forces in Jouret Al-Shaiah neighborhood of Homs

Homs anti-government coordination publish 15 names of civilians and Free Army militia members, claiming to be killed by Syrian government forces in several areas of Homs neighborhoods


Most of Bansh town’s shop respond to strike and mourn for Al-Tremseh victims’ calls that were called by anti-government activists

Activists: militants assassinate the citizens Hussein Al-Haj Mousa and his son Tarek after torturing and burning them due to their pro-government attitude in Al-Rami village of Edlib countryside

Imad Al-Mousa brigade of Free Army militia claims responsibility for ambushing a military vehicle that belong to Syrian Arab Army in Kafar Nabel located in Edlib countryside

Morning demonstrations initiate in Al-Deir Al-Sharki and Kafar Yahmoul villages of Edlib countryside

A videotape shows two persons, claiming to be lieutenants Bilal Khabeer and Ibrahim Mousa and announcing the formation of Ahrar Al-Shamal battalion in Edlib countryside

Armed rebels abduct professor of the Faculty of Archaeology in Aleppo university Dr. Hasan Haj Yahiya on Edlib – Sarakeb road

Severe clashes take place between Syrian Army and armed rebels on Darkoush – Azmareen road, Salkeen town and Al-Mintar village of Jeser Al-Shughour located in Edlib countryside

Unknown militants abduct two citizens in Ishtabrak town near the sheeps’ market of Jeser Al-Shughour located in Edlib countryside

Armed conflicts appear between Syrian Army and insurgents in Ein Al-Bardeh area of Jeser Al-Shughour located in Edlib countryside, which resulted in the destruction of a vehicle supplied with Dushka machinegun and the death of people who were inside it

Funerals of Fayez Al-Tureiki and his nephew Muhammad Al-Tureiki appear in the middle of a demonstration in Sinjar village of Edlib countryside


An explosive charge exploded yesterday near Fatima Al-Sakka school of Al-Ba’eth neighborhood located in Hama province; resulted in the death of 10 civilians and 10 injuries

Syrian Army units liberate the civilians Abdullah Najeeb Al-Shawaf and Riyadh Fozy Al-Mubarak after militants abducted them yesterday in Hama province

Militants raided yesterday The headquarters of Agricultural Research located in Hama countryside and Stole its contents

Strikes by shopkeepers appear yesterday in Mork town of Hama countryside, protesting on what they called the massacre of Al-Tremseh that took place on 12-7-2012

Anti-government activists say Syrian Army shells Al-Madeek Castle town of Hama countryside

Anti-government gathering appears in Al-Latamneh district of Hama countryside

Maghaweer Al-Assi battalion claims responsibility for striking a civil defense center near Nase’ Alwani checkpoint, what resulted in the death of 3 government members and 2 firemen


Anti-government activists say Syrian Army artillery fires 4 shells on Al-Arba’een neighborhood located in Daraa Al-Balad

Armed confrontations appear between Syrian Army and armed rebels who attempted to raid Busra Al-Sham area of Daraa countryside, what resulted in the death of many gunmen including Kassem Al-Balkhi, Yassin Al-Balkhi and Zakaraya Al-Hijeen

SANA: Syrian security forces attacked yesterday shelters for militants in Kherbet Ghazaleh village, arrested 30 gunmen, discovered a factory for manufacturing explosives and a Saudi car supplied with a machinegun base

A huge explosion appears on Syria – Jordan borders in Tal Shihab area located in Daraa countryside, where another explosion was heard during gunfire from the Mail office’ side located in Daraa Al-Balad; resulted in the death of one woman

Syrian Army artillery shells Al-Sad Road neighborhood of Daraa Al-Balad, where pro-government activists say the bombed areas are centers for militants


Media sources: Syrian Army units found yesterday a shelter for militants in Al-Zabdieh neighborhood of Aleppo province, arrest 5 of the gunmen who were inside it, seize two explosive charges and various weapons

Armed attack occurs on the police department of Tal Al-Daman district located in Aleppo outskirts, where the members of the department clash with militants, what resulted in the injury of several gunmen

Anti-government gathering for students takes place in Aleppo university, in which protestors raise the symbol “solidarity with other cities”

Clashes take place between Syrian law enforcement forces and militants in Al-Bab area and Jarabes town of Aleppo outskirsts

Anti-government gathering appears in Manbaj town located in Aleppo outskirts

Evening demonstrations take place in Al-Sukkari, Bustan Al-Zahra, Al-Ashrafyieh and Al-Fardos neighborhoods

Deir Al-Zour

A sniper kills Saleh Muheidi Al-Hamad near Al-Sina’a roundabout located in Deir Al-Zour city

Anti-government activists: militants shoot the Head of military security detachment of Al-Mayadeen town

According to anti-government activists, shells have been fired on Al-Shuheil town located in Deir Al-Zour countryside, which resulted in several injuries

Unknowns fire shells on the central prison of Deir Al-Zour province, where anti-government activists accuse Syrian Army units for bombing the prison after a demonstration occurred in it and pro-government activists say militants fired the shells due to prisoners to escape

Severe clashes appear between Syrian Arab Army and armed rebels in Al-Omar oil field located in Deir Al-Zour city; resulted in the death two gunmen

Activists: militants attempt to attack a Syrian law enforcement forces checkpoint near Al-Sina’a neighborhood of Deir Al-Zour city, what resulted in the death of Muhammad Kan’an and Muhammad Al-Katmeer the leader of Ahrar Al-Furat battalion

Two evening demonstrations appear in Al-Bukamal and Al-Mayadeen cities

Mortar shells were fired on Al-Ommal and Al-Hamidieh neighborhoods; resulted in physical and material damages


Armed conflicts appear between Syrian law enforcement forces and armed rebels near Kansba area of Lattakia countryside


A videotape shows a strike for shopkeepers in a street of Hasaka city