Clashes between Syrian Army and Free Army militia continue in Seif al-Dawleh, Bustan al-Basha neighborhoods and al-Jdeideh area of Aleppo.

Media sources: Syrian Army shells a center for Free Army militia in Dar al-Shifaa hospital of al-Shaar neighborhood located in Aleppo province.

Syrian Center for Documentation’s correspondent: gunmen of al-Tawheed brigade withdraw to Bab al-Naser, al-Jdeideh araes and al-Hatab square, after clashes with Syrian Army units.

Syrian Center for Documentation’s correspondent: anonymous source explosions are heard in most of the areas and neighborhoods of Aleppo city. The explosions seem to be severe clashes between Syrian Army and armed rebels, where heavy arms are used.

Funeral of Ammar Balkash appears in a demonstration in Hreitan town of Aleppo.

Anti-government activists: bombardments occur on al-Shaar neighborhood; resulted in injuries of civilians and damages of buildings

Activists: Syrian Army will announce Seif al-Dawleh neighborhood of Aleppo as a Safe Area in the next few hours.

Syrian Army carry out attacks on centers for Free Army militia gunmen and arrest many of them in al-Faid area of Aleppo outskirts.

The Japanese journalist, Mika Yamamoto, gets killed during clashes between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in al-Suleimania neighborhood of Aleppo city. Yamamoto is a member at “Japan Press” association for Freelance journalists.


Armed confrontations took place yesterday between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in al-Harak town of Daraa countryside, what resulted in the death of many insurgents, including Salah al-Din Adnan al-Khalaf, called as al-Dabbour, Muhammad Turki al-Kasadra and 5 others.

According to anti-government activists, Syrian Army shells neighborhoods of Da’el town located in Daraa countryside.

Funeral of Khalil Abdul Rahim initiates in a demonstration in Horan area.

Daraa anti-government coordination publishes 4 names, claiming to be killed by Syrian government forces bombardments on areas of al-Meleiha al-Sharkia town.

Five handcuffed corpses were found on al-Sheikh Sa’ed road of Nawa area located in Daraa countryside.

The Free Army militia member, Hamouda Kheder, gets killed during severe clashes with Syrian Army in Seida village of Daraa countryside.

Deir Al-Zour

Armed conflicts occurred yesterday between Syrian Army and Free Army militia near the Central Park and al-Jbeileh neighborhood of Deir al-Zour city, which resulted in the death of many gunmen, including Ahmad al-Lazkani and Ahmad al-Soufi, and other deaths and injuries from both side.

Free Army militia attacks a Syrian Army checkpoint near the department of Civil affairs in al-Bukamal city; resulted in the death of 4 soldiers.

Pro-government activist: Syrian Army aircraft bombs centers for armed rebels in several neighborhoods of Deir al-Zour and its countryside.

Jamal al-Alo, Hamid al-Mousa and other militants, got killed yesterday due to the explosion of an explosive charge that they were attempting to plant them in Fouad Cinema street of Deir al-Zour.

Videotape shows gunmen of Allahu Akbar brigade who fired yesterday mortar shells on what they said a Syrian Army air defense checkpoint in al-Bukamal area of Deir al-Zour.

Militants, including 3 Libyans and one Saudi, get killed and their VAN car, loaded with weapons, get destroyed in Deir al-Zour province.

Damascus Countryside

Two shells have been fired on al-Oja neighborhood od Jdeidet Artouz area located in Damascus countryside, without resulting damages.

Videotape shows several members of the interior security forces, announcing their defection from Syrian government and forming Ahrar Damascus battalion of Free Army militia in Damascus countryside.

Armed conflicts take place this dawn between Syrian Army and armed rebels in Erbin area of Damascus countryside.

Funeral of Bashar al-Mashash initiates in a demonstration, participated by hundreds, in Daria city of Damascus countryside.

Armed rebels snipe the guards of the International hospital in Daria city of Damascus countryside.

Severe clashes continue for the second day, between Syrian Army units and armed militias in al-Mu’adamia and Daria orchards of Damascus countryside.

Al-Sham Lions battalion claims responsibility for abducting Captain Firas Abdullah Zeina on al-Kesweh road.

Six unidentified bodies were found, thrown in al-Kadam neighborhood of Damascus countryside.

Syrian Army units seize arms and ammunition during raiding on a den for Free Army militia in al-Mu’adamia area of Damascus countryside.


Videotape shows insurgents of al-Farouq battalion of Free Army militia, targeted yesterday a building that contains Syrian Army soldiers in al-Qusour neighborhood of Homs.

Anti-government activist: Syrian Army shells this dawn Deir Ba’alba neighborhood of Homs, al-Ghanto and al-Rastan area of Homs countryside.

Syrian border guards foil an infiltration attempt by gunmen from Lebanon to Syria in al-Mathoumeh and Halat sites of Talkalakh countryside; resulted in many deaths of the insurgents and the escape of the others.

Video shows insurgents of al-Hak brigade, targeted yesterday a BMB vehicle of Syrian Army in al-Mimams street of Homs province.

Anti-government activists: a rocket was fired on al-Hamidia neighborhood of Homs city; resulted in the collapse of 3 buildings and no injuries.


Clashes take place between Syrian border guards and armed rebels who attempted to infiltrate to Syria near Harem area of Edlib countryside, which resulted in many deaths and injuries of the gunmen.

An explosive charge explodes near the automatic bakery of Jeser al-Shughour, what resulted in the death of 2 civilians.

Three militants get killed after an explosive charge that they were planting blasted, on Edlib – Bab al-Hawa highway.

Two explosive devices blast on the southern entrance road of Edlib, near Ma’ret Misreen roundabout; resulted in the injury of two Syrian Army soldiers and damages of near vehicles and buildings.

Armed rebels clash with Syrian Army units in al-Masafi area of Edlib countryside.

Videotape shows insurgents of Sa’eed Bin Zeid battalion, fire 5 rockets of “Islam 1” on a Syrian Army center on Aleppo – Edlib highway.

Six explosive charges get dismantled on Beksiria – Kherbit al-Jawz road of Jeser al-Shughour countryside located in Edlib province.


The Free Army militia member, Abdul Razzak Shawerdi, gets killed due to Syrian Army bombardments on the Free Army militia center in Mork town of Hama countryside.

Hamza Muhammad al-Kurdi, called as Abu Harsho, and Muhammad Sakhri, both of al-Assi Martyrs battalion, got killed two days ago during severe clashes with Syrian Army in Hama city.

Morning demonstration appears in al-Hawash village of Sahel al-Ghab located in Hama countryside.

Syrian Army killed yesterday 3 militants, arrested 2 others and confiscated their arms by targeting their car in al-Mzeiraa area on al-Salmia – Raqqa road.

A bus exploded yesterday in a Souk of al-Fijeh neighborhood located in al-Salamia area, which resulted in injuries of civilians and minor material damages.


Anti-government activists say Syrian Army artillery shells al-Ido village of Lattakia countryside, which resulted in the death of Ahmad al-Dekkeh.

Media source say the migrated civilians return to their houses in al-Haffa area of Lattakia countryside, after serving the basic services in the very area.

Militants abducted 4 civilians on Aleppo – Lattakia road due to sectarian purposes, after the official webpage of Sheikh Adnan al-Arour published a footage that calls for killing and abducting pro-government allies. Pro-government activists confirm the death of an abductee of Saleh family.


A car bomb exploded yesterday evening on a Syrian security forces near the buildings of 14 in al-Mazza Jabal area of Damascus, what resulted in 6 injuries of Syrian law enforcement forces and minor material damages.