A bomb car blasts near the staff building of the Ommiad square of Damascus, as another explosive charge explodesaround the building and armed confrontations occurred between Syrian Army and militants who raided on the building after the explosions, what resulted in 4 deaths of Syrian Army, including Nawar Sa’ed Samaan, 14 injuries of civilians and soldiers, and more than 7 deaths upon the insurgents. News say Free Army militia claimed responsibility for committing the operation later.

The correspondent of Press TV channel, Maya Naser, has been killed and the manager of al-Alam TV channel, Hussein Murtada, has been injured by armed rebels during clashes in the Ommiad square.

Barzeh anti-government coordination publishes 15 names of al-Sawada and Ma’rouf families, claiming to be killed by Syrian security forces.

The Lieutenant Abed al-Rahman al-Zalem and other 9 persons of Free Army militia, announce their defection and join back Syrian Army during the council of opposition in Dama Hotel of Damascus.

An explosive charge explodes behind the Mukhtar’s office near the schools of the daughters of martyrs, in al-Mazza area of Damascus, what resulted in material damages.


Anti-government activists: many shells have been fired on Bustan al-Kaser neighborhood and Kafarnoura town of Aleppo province, what resulted in several injuries.

Pro-government allies: armed rebels who belong to an Islamist anti-government group, abduct civil Palestinians under the charge of being members of the Public committees and kill them near al-Neirab Camp of Aleppo province.

Government opponents publish a videotape that shows members of al-Tawheed brigade of Free Army militia, attacking a checkpoint for Syrian Army in al-Amiria area of Aleppo province.

Anti-government activists have published a video that shows gunmen of Free Army militia, committing what they called “mopping-up” the Great Oram village of Aleppo countryside.

Hasan al-Daho of Free Army militia, who comes from al-Sfeira area, gets killed during clashing with Syrian Army units in al-Amiria neighborhood of Aleppo province.

Free Army militia attacks a checkpoint for Syrian Army in al-Sfeira area of Aleppo province, what resulted in the death of the insurgent Mamdouh Harmoush.

According to government opponents, more than 6 shells have been fired on al-Haidaria neighborhood of Aleppo province.

The Free Army militia member, Yaman Hammoud, has been killed in bombardments by Syrian Army on their location in Aleppo province.

A video shows clashes between Syrian Army and al-Tawheed brigade of Free Army militia in al-Amiria neighborhood of Aleppo province, on 26-9-2012.

Syrian Army units shell al-Sukkari and al-Fardos neighborhoods of Aleppo, as anti-government activists published a video that shows the destruction in al-Sukkari neighborhood.

Armed confrontations take place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia, where the Syrian Army shells locations for Free Army militia, in al-Arqoub neighborhood of Aleppo province.

Syrian Air-forces copter bombs a location for Free Army in al-Atareb town of Aleppo outskirts, what resulted in one serious injury of a gunman.

A video shows the smoke in a building in al-Midan neighborhood after members of Asifat al-Shamal brigade, of Free Army militia, fired rockets on the raids branch in the very neighborhood.

A sniper of Free Army militia kills a Syrian Army soldier near al-Shaabania mosque of al-Sejen Street.

The Free Army militia member Abed al-Rahman Fayad al-Khalid, has been killed during armed conflicts with Syrian Army in Kastal al-Harami area.

Nine insurgents have been killed during attacking Hanano police department.

Activists: a truck, loaded with arms, that belong to Free Army militia, has been wrecked in Bab al-Hadid neighborhood of Aleppo province.

Pro-government allies say Syrian Army units attack a center for armed rebels at Harsho junction of Aleppo province.

The funeral of Abed al-Karim al-Askari appears in Abzamo town of Aleppo outskirts, where activists accuse Syrian security forces for killing him.


According to anti-government activists, the clashes continue for the third day on a row in Jobar and al-Sultania neighborhoods of Homs city.

Pro-government activists: Syrian Army shells centers for gunmen in al-Rastan city of Homs countryside.

Ten mortar shells have been fired on locations for insurgents in Bab al-Dreib neighborhood, located in Homs city.

Armed conflicts occur between Syrian Army forces and Free Army militia when the gunmen attempted to attacked a checkpoint for Syrian Army in Talbiseh city of Homs countryside, which resulted in the death of 15 insurgents and 3 soldiers of Syrian Army.

Clashes take place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in al-Rastan area of Homs countryside, what resulted in a leader in the militia, called Shareef al-Rezz.

Anti-government activists announce the death of 5 of Abdullah Bin al-Zubeir battalion, that belongs to Free Army militia, during an ambush by Syrian Army in al-Zaafarana village of Homs countryside. The killed gunmen are: Mahdi Beirakdar, Taher Beirakdar, Ahmad al-Halabi, Omar Koja and Abed al-Rahman Kanfouz.

One unidentified body was found in al-Qusair area of Homs countryside.

Al-Ikhbaria TV channel: 55 persons have been released in Homs province due to not being involved in killing.

Damascus Countryside

Government opposition activists say Syrian Army tanks bomb Rankous and Hosh Arab farms in Sahel al-Ghab area of Damascus countryside, as pro-government allies say the bombed areas are centers for armed rebels.

Armed confrontations take place between Syrian Army and Free Army militia in al-Mu’addamia area and Harasta city of Damascus countryside.

According to anti-government activists, Syrian Army shells Duma city of Damascus countryside.

Eighteen bodies were found in al-Ziabia village of Damascus countryside, where anti-government activists accuse Syrian security forces for killing them.

Government opponents say the bodies of Amer al-Mahmoud and Yasser al-Sahhab were found in al-Hajar al-Aswad area of Damascus countryside.

Deir Al-Zour

Anti-government activists: severe clashes take place between Syrian Army units and Free Army militia in Dawar Ghassan Abboud area and al-Ardi neighborhood of Deir al-Zour city, what resulted in victims from both sides.

According to government opponents, Syrian Air-forces bomb al-Baghouz district of al-Bukamal city, located in Deir al-Zour.

The Leader of al-Ghourabaa brigade (Strangers brigade), Khalil al-Burdani, of Free Army militia, gets killed in Deir al-Zour province.

Anti-government activists: a large explosion, followed with gunfire, appeared in al-Bukamal city of Deir al-Zour province.

According to anti-government activists, Syrian Air-forces bomb al-Hamidia neighborhood of Deir al-Zour city.

Gunmen fire shells on the papers’ factory in Deir al-Zour province, what resulted in material damages


Government opponent activists say copters of Syrian Air-forces strike areas of Da’el, Ma’raba villages and the western entry of the Busra al-Sham of Daraa countryside.

The leader of Zi Kar battalion, Ahmad Sharrouf, who comes from Homs province, got killed yesterday during clashes with Syrian Army in Daraa.

Anti-government activists say Syrian Army artillery shells Daraa al-Mahata area and al-Na’eema town of Daraa countryside.

Each of the Free Army militia members, Muslim Ayash, Qassem Muhammad Naseirat, Alaa al-Hariri, Bader Ibrahim, Mousaa Ersal and Ayash Murasel, have been killed during clashing with Syrian Army units in Da’el city of Daraa countryside.

Three mortar shells have been fired on the western villages of al-Yadouda town, located in Daraa countryside.

Muhammad Mustafa Issa, who lives in the IDP camp, has been arrested on Kherbit Ghazaleh road of Daraa province.

Syrian Army units raid on the house of Muhammad Amin al-Hammoudi, seize 29 mines and 14 RPG shells, in Kafarshamma town of Daraa countryside.


Anti-government activists: Syrian Army has shelled Bazabor, Sarjeh and Shenan areas of jabal al-Zawieh, located in Edlib countryside.

The funeral of Khalid Hmasho turns into a demonstration in al-Hbeit town of Edlib countryside.

A suicide bomber blasts himself in his motorcycle near the Youth housing in Edlib city, what resulted in the injury of two members of Syrian law enforcement forces.

A demonstration initiates in Kalli town of Edlib countryside, in which protestors raise the mandate flag


Anti-government activists say Syrian Air-forces bomb areas of Ekeirbat, Masoud and Kanbar villages of Hama countryside, what resulted in material damages.

Explosions were heard in Mashaa al-Arba’een neighborhood of Hama city, as activists say Syrian Army shelled the very neighborhood, which resulted in the death of Abed al-Rahim al-Ghawi and the destruction of several houses.

Two unidentified bodies were found at the junction of Hesraya in al-Latamneh district of Hama countryside.

Syrian Army units set up an ambush for armed rebels in Souran area of Hama countryside, what resulted in 10 deaths upon the insurgents.


Government opponents: fierce clashes take place between Syrian Army units and Free Army militia in al-Tuffahia and al-Younisia villages of Lattakia countryside.

Pro-government allies accuse Free Army militia for setting fire in areas of al-Hemer, Kherbit Solas and Haladia villages, to trap Syrian Army forces.