The new Serbian Warsaw Ghetto in the occupied Serbian land of Kosovo.

Serbs may not have black skin, but they are being treated like white niggers of Europe. Every day. In the media. On the streets in Kosovo. The pogrom and genocide against the Serbs in Kosovo has taken many, many forms. The theft of their land, the destruction of any means of economic survival, the ghettoization of the population inside barbed-wire fences, the destruction of their places of worship, the singling out and murdering of leaders of the community.

“The slow and systematic ethnic cleansing of Serbs and other minorities takes place in Kosovo every day.” – Kristian Kahrs, former NATO press officer in Kosovo. At the celebration of St. Vitus Day, the Serbian national holiday that is traditionally celebrated in Kosovo and Metohija, Serbs had their basic human rights violated. The police prohibited people from entering Kosovo, and those who did manage to enter were forbidden Serbian cultural markings, including Cyrillic script and Christian symbols. Banners and flags were confiscated and shirts were stripped away, thus the pilgrims were forced to attend the religious ceremonies half-naked. Women were not spared either: a young woman had her shirt stripped away because it depicted the White Angel. The police fired live ammunition at unarmed demonstrators, severely wounding three people. Buses that had passed the police checkpoints, including one with children, were met with stones and Molotov cocktails by the crowd, leaving 16 children injured. Women were forced to disrobe in public. Personal possessions were stolen and destroyed. Obviously this entire picture of KFOR, and EULEX, is nothing but a camouflage to cover up the genocidal pogrom against every person and every thing Serbian in Kosovo. Not only are the people hunted down and killed like animals whenever that’s possible. If that’s not possible, they’re assaulted in broad daylight in front of thousands of witnesses to terrorize them. And if that’s not possible, then there’s an anonymous attack on buses and means of transport. And if that’s not possible, then the buildings which they used to inhabit are destroyed. And if that’s not possible, then they’re satisfied destroying their churches and signs of their religion.

Anybody who believes the fairy tale that Kosovo is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society certainly has never been there or they’ve gone there on the pay of somebody who’s told them to go there to lie. It’s as simple as that. The minute you enter Kosovo, you know that you are either one of the those who is in charge — that means an Albanian or their international supporters, or you’re one of the hunted, literally hunted, minority ethnic groups. That seems to be the primary objective of the Albanian authorities there — to determine who’s who, to make life as hard as possible for those who aren’t among the Albanian ruling group.

What is being done to the Serbs in Kosovo is without precedent since the time of Adolf Hitler in Europe. Serbs are not allowed to exercise the freedom of speech, they have no access to the media, they are disarmed, their government at least until recently and maybe still is basically under the control of the American occupiers. So all they have left is Gandhi-like tactics of sitting down on the ground either blocking the roads or blocking the squares.

If you remember, this was the Nis Express. Albanian terrorists had placed a remote-controlled I.E.D. that blew up this bus. Nearly 40 wounded, twelve people died including two-year-old Danilo and both his parents — Kosovo, Feb 17, 2001 - Jerusalem, June 20, 2002

THIS is what Bill Clinton, GWB, and Obama wanted in Kosovo. Only up to March 2004, 120 Christian religious objects and cultural monuments were devastated or destroyed. Since June 1999 when the NATO Kosovo Force (KFOR) occupied Kosovo, then an integral part of then-Yugoslavia, Kosovo was technically under a United Nations mandate, UN Security Council Resolution 1244. Under 1244 Kosovo would remain part of Serbia pending a peaceful resolution of its status. That UN Resolution was blatantly ignored by the US, German and other EU parties in 2008. Immediately after the bombing of Serbia in 1999 the Pentagon seized a 1000 acre large parcel of land in Kosovo at Uresevic near the border to Macedonia, and awarded a contract to Halliburton when Dick Cheney was CEO there, to build one of the largest US overseas military bases in the world, Camp Bondsteel, with more than 7000 troops today.

Orahovac is a city in southern part of Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija which is inhabited with some 25,000 Albanians. There is also small enclave of approx. 400 Serbian and Roma souls. They’re constantly protected by KFOR troops. In the 21’st century those people are living in ghetto which comprises of 300 meters in 2-3 streets where they are allowed to move relatively freely. Their spirit is truly something worth of admiration.

Hashim Thaci, Prime Minister of Kosovo and head of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, is the former leader of the terrorist organization which the US and NATO trained and called the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, or in Albanian, UCK. A draft report by the Council of Europe says Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci was the head of a “mafia-like” network that dealt weapons, drugs and human organs. The report, “Inhuman treatment of people and illicit trafficking of human organs in Kosovo” identifies the province’s recently re-elected “prime minister” Hashim Thaçi as the boss of a “mafia-like” Albanian group specialized in smuggling weapons, drugs, people, and human organs all over Europe. The report reveals that Thaçi’s closest aides were taking Serbs across the border into Albania after the war, murdering them, and selling their organs on the black market. In addition, the report accuses Thaçi of having exerted “violent control” over the heroin trade for a decade. The U.S. and German-installed leadership of Kosovo finds itself under siege after the Council of Europe voted to endorse a report charging senior members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) of controlling a brisk trade in human organs, sex slaves and narcotics.

Kosovo and Albania are major heroin transit routes into Europe. According to a 2008 US State Department annual report on international narcotics traffic, several key drug trafficking routes pass through the Balkans. Kosovo is mentioned as a key point for the transfer of heroin from Turkey and Afghanistan to Western Europe. Those drugs flow under the watchful eye of the Thaci government.

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