The U.S. press announced with a pinch of surprise Antony Blinken’s appointment as the new National Security Adviser or as Deputy National Security Advisor.

Only the readers and listeners of Thierry Meyssan were in the know. He broke the news exactly three months ago in various newspapers (article relayed on our website on November 28, 2012). At the time he wrote:

"The noted Zionist, but nevertheless pragmatist, Antony Blinken may become head of the United States National Security Council, and could revive the plan he had elaborated at Shepherdstown in 1999 for Bill Clinton - make peace in the Middle East by relying on the Assad family."

It should be noted that Thierry Meyssan announced John Kerry’s appointment to State Department on November 10, and that of John Brennan to the CIA on November 25. However, he didn’t bring up the appointment of Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary until December 5, i.e. at the same time as Foreign Policy magazine and two days before the top U.S. dailies. The actual fact is that he is the global political analyst whose predictions proved to be the most accurate.