Following his meeting on 14 May 2014 with U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia proceeded to reshuffle his cabinet:
 Prince Salman bin Sultan (half-brother of Prince Bandar) was relieved of his duties as Deputy Defense Minister. He supervised the formation of an army in Jordan to invade Syria.
 Two deputy defense ministers were appointed: Prince Khaled bin Bandar (former Governor of Riyadh) and Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Ayash.
 General Hussein Al-Qubail, Chief of Staff, was removed from office and pensioned off. He was replaced by General Ben Abderrahman Al-Saleh Boniane. General Al-Fayadh Ruwili was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff.
 General Mohamed Al-Shaalan was promoted to commander of the Air Force.
 General Abdullah Al-Sultan was appointed Commander of the Navy.

Then, Secretary Chuck Hagel attended the first meeting of the Joint Defense Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

These military appointments presented the King with the opportunity to strengthen the ascendancy of his branch of the family branch. Henceforth:
 While Prince Salman is still crown prince, the King’s half-brother, Prince Muqrin, is deputy crown prince.
 Prince Turki bin Abdullah (son of the King) was named governor of Riyadh.
 Prince Mishaal (son of the King) is governor of Mecca.
 Prince Miteb (eldest son of the king) is the commander of the National Guard.
 Prince Abdulaziz (son of the king) is Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.