However, Hello!

The inability of the Americans to fulfil their obligations in Syria naturally caused an explosion of anti-Russian rhetoric in Europe: Russia has to answer for everything that it did not commit in Syria.

"Some of the anti-war groups do not experience a proper sense of horror, but I definitely would like to see a demonstration in front of the Russian embassy. Where is a coalition " Stop the war! " at present, where is it ?! And now, I’m sure ,it’s up to the government to take the lead.." - said the head of the British Foreign Office Boris Johnson.

"Oh, if only our queen were a man, she would have ordered the Russian-bashing by now! If England stooped that low as to kiss the feet of Russia, the queen would most certainly not be involved. " —Queen Victoria, year 1877—.

Here it is - the British respect for tradition. But the most profound political tradition is British Russo-phobia, which is 200 years old. Then, on the eve of the Russian-Turkish war, they accused Russia that the Turks had massacred the Bulgarians. This is a typical Russian provocation. Should we mind? It has been ongoing for 200 years, and we ought to have got used to it. One wonders, what has the greatest in the history of the French Republic President Francois Hollande got to do with it? This outstanding political leader even questioned the feasibility of the meeting with Putin:

"I’ll ask myself this question: will it be useful? Is it necessary? Can we do anything else that will cause him to stop what he has been perpetrating, together with the Syrian regime? "

Together with the "Syrian regime" Russia is the only country that at the moment is fighting in Syria against terrorists who launched bloody attacks in Paris and Nice. I remember, then Hollande squeaked something about joint actions with Russia. But this pitiful squeak only lasted until the first order was issued in Washington.

Let’s remind ourselves, that it was France that stood at the origins of the so-called Free Syrian Army, concocted from elements of "Al Qaeda", collected from all over the Middle East and sponsored by Qatar and Saudi money even before the outbreak of civil war in Syria. That it was France that declared Syrian National Council, elected by no one and representing no one, to be a legitimate body. A legitimate government of Syria? The bloody regime, which should be overthrown. It was France that twice initiated the war in its former colony - Syria: In 2012 in Homs, when it sent several thousand fighters of FSA, and the second time happens to be today.

"Initially, France, within the framework of the general policy of the US leadership to preserve global leadership, took the initiative of instigating the war against Libya and Syria. Later, when there was general agreement on peace and redistribution of roles in the Middle East between the US and Russia on 30 June , 2012 in Geneva, France did not accept this agreement. On the contrary, It has taken steps, leading to a resumption of war. And war did happen."- said the journalist, political scientist (France) Thierry Meyssan.

If the previous French leaders could still be suspected of playing some kind of independent games, albeit funded by the Qatari money, Monsieur Hollande stands "tall" beyond this nefarious suspicion . He surely doesn’t know what he is doing. Because thinking and knowing is not part of his Presidential brief. Only blind following.

However, good-bye!

Deimantas Steponavicius
1tv (Russia)