Time and History are closely linked but people will not remember Time. What they will remember is History. And Time is only transformed into History when great changes in the world decide it to be so.

For this reason, we speak of before and after the birth of Lord Jesus; of before and after the Revelation that will come to our prophet, the Messenger of God (Mohammed); because History after these events, is no longer what it once was.

The same is true when we speak of global politics before and after the Soviet Union or before or after the World Wars.

I think that when Aleppo is set free, we will say that there is “a before and an after Aleppo” and that Time is being transformed in History, not only for Syria and the region, but for the world.

It is here where Time is being transformed into History. It is Aleppo that is transforming Time into History.

The people of Aleppo, with their resistance; the Syrian Arab Army with its courage and sacrifices; each Syrian citizen who stayed at the side of Aleppo, at the side of their country, of their Homeland, and of Justice – these are the people that are now making History.

And this is far greater than the word «mabruk» [“Good tidings” in Arabic]. Everyone is wishing one and other, in person or through social networks, repeating this word: “good tidings”.

I do not wish to repeat this word but rather to declare that what is happening today is History, which each Syrian citizen is writing; his story that began about six years ago, when the crisis first broke out, when war was first declared against Syria.

Anoosha Boralessa