On Thursday 29 March the President of the Republic [France], Emmanuel Macron, received a delegation of the Democratic Forces of Syria (FDS). Both the male and female gender were equally represented in this delegation as were Arabs and Syrian Kurds.

The Syrian delegation informed President Macron of the situation, describing the security and humanitarian conditions in the North of Syria and the intervention zone where the FDS is still fighting courageously and with self-sacrifice against Daesh, together with the international coalition forces of which France is part.

The President of the Republic paid a tribute to the sacrifices and the role of the FDS in the fight against Daesh, a role which determined a positive outcome. He also reaffirmed that this fight is a priority in times when this threat continues to loom over us.

He then guaranteed to the FDS, France’s support, particularly to stabilizing the security zone in Northeast Syria, in the context of a system of government that was inclusive and balanced. For this was the only way to wipe out any chance of Daesh coming back in the hope of a political solution to the Syrian conflict.

The President of the Republic recalled that, as a consequence of the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 2401, France clearly expressed its concern for the situation in the district of Afrin and requested that humanitarian aid be fully accessible to the civil populations.

He recalled, furthermore, France’s undertaking to fight the PKK and its loyalty to the security of Turkey. He then noted FDS’s commitment that it would not have any sort of working relationship with this terrorist group and would condemn all action of a terrorist nature, wherever it was coming from. [Macron] then went on to express his desire for a dialogue to be set up between the FDS and Turkey with the help of France and the international community.

The President of the Republic indicated that France would continue to take the greatest efforts, together with the countries principally interested, to make the way towards an inclusive political transition in Syria. For this was the only way that peace could return to Syria and the only way to guarantee the security of the region in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

Anoosha Boralessa