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«Current Concerns», n°8, April 2, 2019

Can democracy be reduced to computers?

Direct democracy is no computer game. Launch of the federal popular initiative “For a secure and trustworthy democracy (e-voting moratorium)”, by Marianne Wüthrich / On such an important question, the people must have the last word A conversation with Franz Grüter / Arguments against e-voting / E-voting can not examine whether the result corresponds to the will of the people, Interview with Hernani Marques / 20 years after 24 March 1999 – the NATO war crimes against Yugoslavia must not remain unpunished, by Karl Müller / From currency war to military war, by Eberhard Hamer / “The ultra-left is playing a decisive role in spreading violence”, Interview with Eric Delbecque / More direct democracy in Germany (part 1). Referenda (popular votes), by Christian Fischer / Work – necessary evil or fulfilment and self-realisation, by Marita Koch / The Cooperative Idea – A Cultural Heritage of Humanity / Mary Ainsworth taught us how to understand our children and ourselves, by Klaus and Karin Grossmann / Triumph of art over barbarism. On the documentary “The Miracle of Leningrad” and its historical background, by Winfried Pogorzelski.

| Zurich (Switzerland)

Current Concerns (Switzerland)

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Current concerns

"Current concerns" is a bi-monthly selection from swiss weekly paper "Zeit Fragen" .

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