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Muslim Brotherhood to lead new Tunisian Parliament


Brother Rachid Ghannouchi, 78, was elected President of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People (a unicameral parliamentary system) even though his Ennadha Movement party fell short of securing a majority.

A historical member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Rachid Ghannouchi was portrayed by the MI6 as a democracy-loving Islamist [1] thereby whitewashing his political stance against the full citizenship of women, his refusal to recognize the will of the people as the source of law, and his inflammatory preaching alongside Hassan el-Turabi in Sudan.

Rachid Ghannouchi never admitted to being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood secret society.

Brought to power by the MI6 during the "Arab Spring", he retooled the "secret structure" of the Brothers under the name of "League for the Protection of the Revolution" (LPR), allowing him to command the assassinations of the "enemies of God," like Chokri Belaid or Mohamed Brahmi.

In 2012, he organized the transfer of Tunisian Islamist fighters to Syria, as was disclosed by the Syrian daily Al-Watan. In 2016, while hundreds of thousands of Muslims were being slaughtered by Daesh militants, he declared in Al-Quods al-Arabi that "Daesh represents the angry face of Islam" (sic).

[1] Cf. Rachid Ghannouchi : A Democrat within Islamism, Azzam S. Tamimi, Oxford University Press, 2001.

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