Israel shifts very quickly. Since the fall of “revisionist Zionist” (i.e. being in the line with Vladimir Ze’ev Jabotinsky) Benjamin Netanyahu, his successors Naftali Bennett and Yahir Lapid have been endeavoring to turn the country into a state like the others.

The backlash from the revisionist Zionists has been off the charts. Hence, the Kurdish Jew Itamar Ben-Gvir, president of Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power Party), embracing the ideas of Meir Kahane, advocated for the expulsion of both non-Jewish and Jewish Israeli citizens who support equality with Arabs. He made it clear that Jewish Knesset member Ofer Cassif, of the Joint Arab List, is included in this category.

According to a poll conducted by Israeli Channel 12, Ben-Gvir’s party is likely to win eight seats in the next legislative elections. His goal is to become a minister in a new Netanyahu government.